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How to encrypt a shared folder?

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To encrypt a shared folder, open “Control Panel” > “Privilege Settings” > “Share Folders” and choose the folder in the right panel. Select “Edit Properties” and check the “Encrypt this folder” option. Enter and verify the password to confirm this action.

Enter the password and select "OK" to enable encryption. You can check “Save encryption key” in order to download the key file later.

After the encryption is completed, a lock icon will be displayed on the folder. Select this icon and you can choose to download the encryption key, change the mount settings or lock the folder. After locking the folder, the lock icon status will change and the folder will be locked.

Select the Lock icon and go to the “Lock” tab to lock an encrypted shared folder.

To unlock, select the “Lock” icon and enter the password or upload the encryption key file. To cancel the encryption of a shared folder, select “Edit Properties” again and select “Decrypt this folder”. The folder will be decrypted after entering the password and selecting "OK".

Decrypting a shared folder
Release date: 2016-04-12
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