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QNAP Channel Partner Program
Q-Partner Program

Q-Partner, the QNAP Reseller Partner Program is designed to help us to work closely with resellers in the Nordic market, providing sales/marketing tools, training, support and resources you need to increase your profitability and advance your businesses. Q-Partner also offers an incentive program that rewards partners’ performance as the sales continue to grow.
*All online e-tailers and those NOT purchasing from our authorised distributors are not eligible to participate.

Five reasons to participate in the Q-Partner Program

  1. QNAP offers comprehensive NAS solutions to meet customer needs.
  2. Monthly back-end rebates to save your costs and achieve more sales.
  3. Access to QNAP marketing portal, free to utilise marketing materials, high-quality product photos, videos and brochures.
  4. We can assist you in improving your service level, using our advice, knowledge and equipment.
  5. QNAP is readily available through many through many Nordic based distribution partners.


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Q-Partner Benefits Registered Authorised Premier
Sales Resources
Pre-sales Support x x x
Access to online sales and marketing tools x x x
QNAP online sales/technical training x x x
Marketing Support
Monthly Product newsletter x x x
Use of the QNAP logo, graphics and images x x x
Datasheets, whitepapers, eDMs x x x
Be Listed on "Where to Buy"     x
Co-op marketing funds support     x
Rewards & Special Rebates
Special Quarterly Promotional Rebates   x x
Deal / Project Registration x x x
20 % NFR* discount for QNAP NAS x    
Technical Support
Technical information and training   x x
Online – webinar x x x

*Please see the details of the NFR program in your Q-Partner Program Guide.

Should you have further questions about the Q-Partner program, please contact us via email at