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  • Keep Your Cloud At Home

    Keep Your Cloud At Home

    Access your files whenever you want and wherever you are.
    Enjoy your photos, videos and files at home or on the go.

Your Private and Secured Cloud

Easily setup, backup and share

When you hear terms like "cloud" or "cloud-storage", you generally don't overthink it, and end up using it without knowing how it works. With the QNAP, imagine it being your personal or private cloud and your files are safely stored at home for you to access anywhere and anytime.

What is NAS
What is NAS

Backup Your Files Like Never Before

Compatible with PC, Mac, and external devices

Your personal cloud should still act as a storage device. Instead of backing up to countless external hard drives, you could simply schedule backups from your designated folders to the NAS. You have many backup options such as RTRR, Rsync, Time Machine Backup, USB one-touch copy, and cloud-services backup such as Dropbox, Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and more!

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What is NAS

Extra Protection with Cloud Backups

Backup your QNAP to public cloud services

Cloud storages are known for its durability and reliability and are often integrated into one's workflow, or home backup solutions. Extra protection and prevention can be made for your QNAP by backing up the NAS to public cloud services. QNAP now supports backup to services such as: Windows Azure, IBM Softlayer, Rackspace, HP Cloud, Dropbox, Google, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform and more!

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What is NAS

Qsirch - A Smarter Way to Search

Keep your cloud private by syncing with Qsync

Qsirch performs as a powerful full-text search tool that helps you to easily find specific files, including documents, movies, songs and photos on your QNAP NAS. By using the TF-IDF algorithm, you can search while typing and easily identify files with categories, thumbnail preview and list view. Qsirch effectively increases productivity and work efficiency for file searching.

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What is NAS

Your Supersized Dropbox

Keep your cloud private by syncing with Qsync

Cloud storages often cost more than expected, especially when your files pile up quickly. The Qsync feature allows you to work on one file and allow it to sync across multiple platforms. With no monthly fees, Qsync lets you enjoy the idea of owning a personal and secured cloud. Files that are synced and stored on the QNAP will not be jeopardized because of one simple reason as it is your personal cloud!

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What is NAS

Your 24/7 Download Center
When downloading content from the internet, it requires the computers to stay on throughout the process which can be energy consuming. The Download Station on the QNAP serves as a non-stop download center. The download tasks will keep going until they are finished without consuming your computer's space and memory.
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Multimedia Hub

Your Multimedia Hub

Easily enjoy your media content stored on the NAS

HD Station with Kodi/XBMC
Most QNAP NAS comes with an HDMI* port. Simply connect it to your TV and you can easily access all your content through HD Station.
Enjoy content via DLNA
You can use DLNA-compatible devices such as HDTVs, Smart TVs, Sony® PS3, Microsoft® Xbox 360 and moreto enjoy HD quality videos stored on the QNAP.
Apple TV
Airplay your multimedia from your Apple devices and enjoy HD movies and music that are stored on the QNAP.
Bluetooth Support
Stream music that are stored on your QNAP to your Bluetooth speakers from the built-in Music Station. **
QNAP as your Plex Media Server
Enjoy speedy stream with Plex on your computer, Multimedia sticks (e.g Chromecast, Amazon TV, Firestick, Roku) and your XBOX or Playstation game consoles. ***
Access your files on the go!
Access and enjoy photos, music, videos on the QNAP with QNAP's free mobile apps.

*HDMI is not supported in TS-x31/x31+ and TS-563

**This feature is only available in QTS 4.2

*** Plex is not supported on TS-x31+

Host Virtual Machines

Use your NAS as a PC

The QNAP can act as a PC once you set up your virtual machine in the Virtualization Station. Simply install your OS on top of your NAS and you can easily have a Windows, Unix, Linux, or Android OS.

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What is NAS

**This feature is only available on TS-x51+ series

Model TS-x31p TS-x51A HS-251+
CPU Alpine AL-212
Dual Core 1.7GHz
14nm Intel Celeron®
Dual Core 1.6 GHz
Intel Celeron®
Quad Core 2.0 GHz
Available Models 2, 4 Bay 2, 4 Bay 2 Bay
RAM 1 GB 2 GB/ 8 GB 2 GB
W/O Encryption
176MB/s Write
224.8MB/s Read
194.45 MB/s Write
211.88 MB/s Read
224 MB/s Write
224 MB/s Read
With Encryption
50 MB/s Write
179 Read
194.94 MB/s Write
209.13 MB/s Read
109 MB/s Write
113 MB/s Read
USB 2.0 0 0 2
USB 3.0 3 3 2
(HD Station)
Transcoding Offline Offline and Real-time Offline and Real-time
Maximum Capacity
* Based on 10TB drives
40 TB 40 TB 20 TB