Build Your Own High-performance 10GbE Storage Environment for Less Than $5,000 !!
The TS-x79 series comes equipped with the powerful Intel® Core™ i3 or Xeon® Processor. In addition this NAS series is 10GbE ready to full fill performance demanding applications including virtualization, file sharing, backup, and video editing.
New QNAP Turbo NAS with 10GbE bundled! For only $300 more benefit from the blazing fast 10GbE speed
TS-879-PRO-E10G-US TS-1079-PRO-E10G-US TS-879U-RP-E10G-US TS-1279U-RP-E10G-US
MSRP $2,499 MSRP $2,899 MSRP $3,199 MSRP $3,999
10GbE Storage Solution to Boost Your Virtualization Deployment!
VMware® Certified
Citrix® Certified
Microsoft® Hyper-V Compliant
The 10GbE connection will reduce backup time & enhance business productivity!!
Quickly backup large files such as your video files and images
Increase your data synchronizing speed to another NAS either in the same network or a remote site
Cross-platform File Sharing and Backup Center
CIFS for Windows users
NFS for Linux/UNIX users
AFP for MAC users
QNAP 10GbE NAS is a good alternative solution of DAS for video studio
It provides the high performance video ingestion, direct editing, can be multiple accessed concurrently, and fulfills high performance and data sharing demand.
Compatible with EMULEX® OCE11102-NX 10GbE Card
Download Emulex’s NAS Deployment Guide
OCE11102-NX OCE11102-NM
OCE11102-IX OCE11102-IM
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