QNAP: WirelessAP Station


WirelessAP Station

Use your NAS as a wireless base station

With QNAP WirelessAP Station, your QNAP TVS-x73 NAS can be transformed into a convenient wireless base station. Just install a compatible PCIe wireless network card and download the WirelessAP app to allow devices to directly connect to your NAS for easy access to its services and Internet connection.

WirelessAP Station

Five major benefits

  • NAS - X86 level of wireless network access point

  • Directly connect to the NAS with a wireless network

  • Scalable Entity AP - add several access points with multiple expansion cards

  • Set up separate wireless connection interfaces (such as IoT/VM/Container) as needed

  • Enjoy network optimization with traffic shunting

Directly connect to the NAS

With WirelessAP Station, you can enjoy the wireless network services provided by QNAP NAS on mobile devices and use various applications such as Qfile, Qmusic and Qvideo.

Scalable physical wireless access point

Traditional wireless network routers use software-based (virtual) access points to share "single and identical" physical devices, but this will be limited by the bandwidth of a single network card, making it difficult to stabilize connections. When you need to use the wireless network at the same time, WirelessAP Station allows you to increase the bandwidth that is actually available by adding physical network cards without interfering with each other. For example, you can install two wireless network cards into the TVS-x73 and configure them as 2.4G and 5G base stations respectively, and then the NAS will be able to simultaneously provide services at different frequency ranges.

Freely set up independent, secure wireless connection interface

In addition to shared resources, you can also assign individual NICs to the Container or use different QNAP services as required through integration with QNAP Network & Virtual Switch, and enjoy a separate wireless connection interface. You can also create a small private network. For example: If you need to set up a private Internet of Things environment, you can set it up to not pass through any other devices, so that your IoT network becomes a highly secure and reliable independent network.

Enjoy network optimization with traffic shunting

The high-performance QNAP NAS not only provides you excellent data access services, but also allows you to enjoy smooth NAS connectivity. Even if you are at home using a mobile device to connect to the NAS, you still need to use the wireless function of a router to connect to the NAS. Therefore, when the router is busy, the quality of the NAS connection will be affected. The base station set up by WirelessAP Station allows your device to directly connect to the NAS, allowing you to enjoy optimum access speeds to your NAS.

System architecture

The WirelessAP Station service is based on OpenWrt in conjunction with QTS LXC Container technology.

Solution comparison

   QNAP Home  Professional 
WirelessAP Station AP/Router AP Router
CPU Better processing power than dual-core x86 CPU MIPS 24K, 74K
Dual Core ARM, MIPS
RAM Over 1GB 32/64MB 128/256MB
Flash Over 512MB storage space, and direct NAS integration 8/16MB 128MB

How to get it

Download the WirelessAP Station app from the QNAP App Center. A setup wizard is provided to make installation and set up as easy as possible. Install the wireless network card, download WirelessAP Station, and follow the instructions to quickly complete the setup process.

Install the wireless network card

After installing Container Station from the App Center, download WirelessAP Station.

Once set up, your devices will be able to wirelessly connect to the NAS