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Signage Station

Signage Station

Make an impression not just an advertisement

Create locally, publish everywhere.

Create multimedia ads and share with the world

Signage Station is a free app for QNAP NAS that allows users to easily create multimedia ads, upload them to the NAS, and share them with anyone. To create impressive ads, Signage Station provides the free iArtist Lite software that comes with 16 types of special widgets to help you make creative animated ads within minutes.

After you design your ads and upload them on the NAS using iArtist Lite, they will all appear in the Signage Station. You can then browse through them, manage them, play them and share them with everyone. All you need is a Google Chrome web browser* to play your ads.

* To fully utilize the functions of Signage Station, Google Chrome browser is recommended.

Unlimited free Ad templates

Although iArtist Lite is designed to make it extremely easy to design content, Signage Station still provides its users with a lot of free templates that are suited for various usage scenarios.

New Apps
Multi-task Bar
Multilingual Keyboard and Input
  • Business Profile. Design a dynamic business profile embellished with appealing videos and music. Your customers will always remember you!
  • Menu Boards. Signage Station allows you to quickly revise and update published content at anytime. It is incredibly simple and convenient.
  • Animated Advertisement. No more boring printed posters. The Signage Station invigorates your advertisements to attract more people!
  • Personal Animated Resume. Creatively present your accomplishments with rich media content!
  • Life Sharing. Organize photos and videos with widgets like marquees and background music, and share them with friends & family using mobile devices and social networks.
  • Memory Books. From wedding days, to birthdays, graduations, and more; use Signage Station to create animated memory books for all of your life-changing events.


Absolutely easy to use

iArtist Lite provides drag-and-drop functionality that allows you to flexibly add videos, marquees, pictures, and PowerPoint slides to the canvas panel. With the layer-concept playlist and timeline features, you can freely arrange the order of media objects. iArtist Lite also offers numerous templates for various business types and scenarios, saving you lots of time and effort. Useful widgets such as audio, clocks, and RSS are available to add to the designed content.


Instantly publish and conveniently revise

With iArtist Lite, you can save designed content as different projects, and upload to multiple NAS with the Signage Station installed. Whenever you want to revise the content, just open iArtist Lite to update and publish instantly. You can fully control all the content in a timely way.


View and share anywhere

The NAS with Signage Station is your ideal tool to present creativity. You can use Google Chrome web browser to view content. When on the go, you can even show business profiles, business cards and product catalogs on mobile devices, and easily share with others on social networks.


Collaborate for greater efficiency

The original design content can be saved in local computer or on the NAS with the help of the connection wizard. Content saved on the NAS are accessible for all authorized users, helping to increase work efficiency in projects involving multiple members.

Live View of Signage Station content