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QVR Pro Beta

Professional NAS Video Surveillance System

QVR Pro integrates comprehensive video surveillance features into QNAP NAS, ensuring a recording environment separated from QTS, storage expandability, and flexible storage space management functions. The optimized QVR Pro Client software consolidates live monitoring with speedy playback functionality in a single view, providing a simplified monitoring mode and enhanced user experience.

Optimized User Experience

QVR Pro supports Windows® / Mac® OS and QNAP HD Station, and QVR Pro Client provides a unified monitoring view for cross-platform users. The new QVR Pro Client software simplifies surveillance workflows and enables user-defined rules to manage recording.

Unified Monitoring Interface

QVR Pro has overhauled the traditional surveillance system design and offers an integrated monitoring mode that covers both live view and playback. QVR Pro Client supports multiple-channel monitoring in a single view, and you can quickly play back footage with minimal buffering time. With the unified monitoring user interface, QVR Pro saves a lot of time from switching between different monitoring modes, making video surveillance efficient and easy.

Timely Playback | Dynamic Layout | Region of Interest | Qdewarp Technology

  • Timely Playback

    QVR Pro provides one-click sync of all monitoring channels to the same time spot, and you can experience the speedy playback of multiple channels within one monitoring view. Simply click on the timeline and QVR Pro will rewind the recording to a specific time spot with minimal buffering time.
  • Dynamic Layout

    QVR Pro supports customized layouts, so you can change the channel display aspect ratio and arrange the display freely. With default display modes and user-defined layouts, QVR Pro fulfills different surveillance purposes and is not limited to fixed-grid modes.
  • Region of Interest

    The updated Region of Interest (ROI) feature supports multiple regional images from the same camera in live view and playback mode. You can define and enlarge multiple focused areas on the overview image with no selection limitation or additional licenses required.
  • Qdewarp Technology

    The innovative Qdewarp enables users to view standard fisheye camera recordings in proportional ratios and sizes without affecting original recordings. The distorted parts on the edge can be returned to a clear panorama view.

Quality Surveillance Recording

QVR Pro ensures an independent operating environment for surveillance recording, separated storage space, and versatile storage management functions from QTS. QVR Pro supports customized storage expansion deployment and volume management, enhancing surveillance data safety and NAS data storage efficiency.

Independent Environment

QVR Pro runs all surveillance functions separate from QTS. You can save the recording from specific cameras or ROI areas to designated storage space based on hard drive types or other backup requirements. Even running QTS and QVR Pro simultaneously, QNAP NAS can still ensure the data safety with no performance interference.

Flexible Storage Expansion

QVR Pro allows multiple volumes and backup deployment, so recording data will be saved completely even if part of the volume malfunctions. You can also assign a storage location to each camera or allocate event recording to SSD/SAS drives for better storage efficiency. When NAS storage capacity is full, you can extend the storage capacity using several types of expansion solutions.

Superior Efficiency

QVR Pro supports tiered storage that fulfills various surveillance needs. You can assign 4K ultra-high resolution cameras to event recording tasks and save the footage to SSDs for optimal video quality regardless of writing speed concerns. Moreover, the network traffic distribution feature of QNAP NAS routes network bandwidth for QVR Pro and QTS data flows properly to optimize hardware efficiency.

Self-defined Rules

QVR Pro upgrades event management functions and provides image snapshot notifications in addition to SMS/email alerts. With the new snapshot feature, you can make prompt decisions in time. You can also set up event notification rules with self-defined events and actions. The innovative If Event then Action rule mechanisms allow multiple events to trigger multiple actions simultaneously, and it is much easier to define rules compared to other network automation services. You can customize monitoring rules, events and actions, making QVR Pro your own automated video surveillance service.

  • Event

    QVR Pro categorizes events to camera related, recording space, and customized events. You can add a new event with built-in lists, or define a surveillance event with a specific title and actions. One rule can include multiple events and multiple actions at the same time.

  • Action

    QVR Pro actions include camera actions and notifications. When one event is detected, QVR Pro rules will trigger specific cameras to start event recording, activate alarm devices, and/or send out notifications to users. One event can trigger several actions for timely reactions.

Flexible Camera Controls

QVR Pro offers cross-segment automatic camera search under Local Area Networks (LAN). You can simply enter network segments, and QVR Pro will find and display all the IP cameras along with precise information within the same LAN. If you need to deploy multiple similar camera settings for one project, QVR Pro allows batch installing and configuring cameras for better efficiency. QVR Pro also supports multi-streaming recording that offers different resolution video feeds and lower overall network bandwidth usage.

QVR Pro Beta test information and rules:

  1. QVR Pro Beta currently only supports an English-language user interface.
  2. QVR Pro Beta is only available for a specific test time limit. Please refer to the QVR Pro Beta Release Note for more information.
  3. QVR Pro Beta collects user information during the test. Please share your suggestions and user experience using the “feedback” button.
  4. QVR Pro Beta supports up to 124 channels for surveillance monitoring during the test. Users can use all the channels without requiring licenses.
  5. The official release of QVR Pro will offer free channel licenses based on QNAP NAS series and models. Please visit https://www.qnap.com for more information.


QVR Pro Beta software is now available from the QTS App Center. Please refer to the following methods for acquiring the QVR Pro Client software for different operating systems:

  1. Windows/Mac OS: This version is embedded in QVR Pro Beta.
  2. HD Station: Can be installed from QTS HD Station.

NAS System Requirements:

  1. 64-bit NAS models with at least 4GB RAM is recommended for the best usage experience.
  2. QTS 4.3.0 (or later) is required to use QVR Pro.
  3. Container Station must be installed before QVR Pro can be used.