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Centrally monitor and manage all your NAS from anywhere

Q’center is a central management platform that enables you to consolidate the management of multiple QNAP NAS. The Q’Center web interface gives you the ease-of-use, cost-efficiency, convenience and flexibility to manage multiple NAS, across multiple sites, from any internet browser.

Work smarter not harder

My organization deployed several QNAP NAS for file storage, backup, sharing, and virtualization applications. It’s vital we keep track of all the system statuses in real time, manage all the updates and troubleshoot efficiently. We were struggling to keep up with the constant demands. With so many NAS, I was wasting a huge amount of time logging into each NAS individually to complete the tasks required. Q’center drastically simplified all of the administrative tasks into a single easy-to-use and customizable management platform.

Deploy multiple Q’center host servers

The updated Q’center supports multiple host QNAP NAS to mutually manage several client NAS, instead of only allowing one host server to centrally control the client NAS. This allows individual departments or particular units to review their own storage space status and job logs. Q’center fulfills central management needs and segment control targets at the same time, so you can manage and access NAS more efficiently.

Review HDD S.M.A.R.T. values smartly

Q’center provides 6 key S.M.A.R.T. ID parameters, including reallocated sectors count, power on hours, reported uncorrectable errors, command timeout, current pending sector count, and uncorrectable sector count. You can look over detailed system reports to discover if any hard drives are malfunctioning in order to replace them in time to prevent system crashes. You can also refer to S.M.A.R.T. ID values to replace hard drives in advance to avoid job or schedule delays.

Monitor system status with Q’center

Q’center actively monitors the status of all managed NAS. Information such as system temperatures and fan speeds allows you to reduce system failure risks by using control room conditions. You can also power on/off multiple NAS at once with preset power options to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of your NAS systems.

Manage apps and shared folders with Q’center

With Q’center, you can remotely install apps or create shared folders on multiple client NAS. Q'center allows you to create universal and unified NAS settings for efficient management of multiple NAS, saving you time and effort.

Use Q’center to optimize NAS management

Q’center, available from the QTS App Center, is a capable and powerful managing tool that helps you manage multi-site QNAP NAS. After installing Q’center on one QNAP NAS, you can use the Q’center server to centrally monitor system logs and handle firmware updates & maintenance of all QNAP NAS units with minimal effort.

Central management platform

Start and stop services or configure network settings for a specific NAS or an entire NAS group. Let Firmware Lib keep track of all the NAS firmware, and update it at convenient times. App Manager allows you to centrally manage and install apps to every client NAS device, or remotely update firmware for a specific NAS.

Informative customizable dashboards

Get an overview of all your QNAP NAS system statuses and check all the system logs from one place. Personalize your dashboard with frequently-checked items and configure alert triggers.

Infographic report

Quickly get information from visualized data, including volume capacity reports, shared folder reports, CPU usage reports, bandwidth usage report, system temperature reports, exportable data with bar charts, pie charts or trend charts, and more.

The heart of Q’center

  • Dashboard

    Create different dashboards displaying selected widget combinations.
  • Server

    Inspect, manage, and add managed QNAP NAS units. Drill into each one for detailed information.
  • Report

    Get reports on any aspect of your NAS inventory, capacity and performance.
  • Log

    Check the history of all your server activities, system alerts and system events from a single place.
  • Rule

    Use rules and rule sets to efficiently manage multiple servers with the same configuration.
  • Firmware Lib

    Keep up to date with the latest firmware updates for all your managed QNAP NAS units.
  • Notification

    Configure email notifications for specific trigger events occur.
  • Settings

    Manage user accounts, configure LDAP and AD servers for user authentication.

Designed for dynamic IT environments

Organizations deploy various levels of complex IT environments and infrastructures to suit their needs. Q’center features exclusive firewall traversal technology to ensure reliable connectivity between a Q’center server and all your managed QNAP NAS. This makes sure you can keep track of all the details you need to keep your infrastructure running smoothly. Q’center also runs in virtual machines (VM) to ensure you have access to every aspect of your infrastructure with total awareness and maximum flexibility.

Bypass NAT routers with Connect to Q'center

With Connect to Q’center, you can bypass NAT routers to access and manage multiple QNAP NAS without needing complex VPN settings. You can also monitor and manage QNAP NAS via myQNAPcloud regardless of NAT limits.

Please note: The " Q'center Assistant " app should be used instead if the NAS firmware is below QTS 4.3.

Q’center running on VMs

Q’center for VMware® ESXi and Microsoft® Hyper-V™ allows you to install and run Q’center from a virtual machine. Removing the need for a QNAP NAS as a dedicated server, Q’center deployment is even more flexible and accessible.

System Requirements for Q'center server:
x86-based (Intel or AMD) QNAP NAS.
Manageable NAS:
All QNAP NAS are manageable in Q'center.
Q'center Virtual Appliance System requirements:
4 virtual CPUs with at least 1GB RAM and 108 GB storage space.

Best Practices for Deploying Q’center