Designed for Continuous Computing and Storage.

Hyperconverged Storage Solution - TDS-16489U

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Equipped with Server-grade Hardware

TDS-16489U's hardware specifications are designed to meet the needs of environment demanding high performance, simplified IT management, uninterrupted services, and virtualization capabilities. With its flexibility in expanding its memory (up to 1TB) and capacity (up to 1,152TB), the NAS acts more than storage, but also a computing-intensive machine.


GPU Pass-through Supported

Now supporting GPU Pass-through, the TDS-16489U allow the usage through virtual machines/containerized apps to operate software frameworks for Big Data management and analysis such as Apache™ Hadoop® or Apache Spark™. With OpenCL and Microsoft® DirectX 11 Compute Shader, the GPU is used for accelerating applications in tasks such as transcoding and 3D animation + video rendering.


Storage For Virtualization

Virtualization Station lets TDS-16489U become a storage and application server (e.g. Microsoft® Exchange Server, Microsoft® SQL Server®, Active Directory Windows Server® ) by utilizing its utmost potential and creating virtualization environment suitable for server computing.


Storage For Big Data Analytics

TDS-16489U features dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v3 processors to drive performance-demanding Big Data computing capabilities for complex, high-demanding workloads.

Comprehensive Virtualization

TDS-16489U acts as a cost-efficient dual-processor server for hosting virtual machines and accommodating virtualization storage in one box. QNAP Virtualization Station is a virtualization platform based on KVM (Kernel Virtual Machine) infrastructure, allowing it to run Windows®, Linux®, UNIX® and Android™ virtual machines (VM) for multiple operating systems. Users can also utilize QNAP's Container Station to run or develop container applications via Docker® or LXC as a lightweight virtualization deployment.

The TDS-16489U supports VMware® ESXi and Citrix® XenServer, and is compatible with Microsoft® Hyper-V® and Windows Server 2012®, benefiting flexible deployment and management in virtualized environment.
Virtualization Station Container Station