Optimized for Apple devices.
Untethered and Unrestrained.

Now, there’s a better way to store your files. QNAP NAS provides the best in data storage and security so you never lose another file. Experience data storage like you never have before.


  • Terabytes of Storage, And More.

    Don’t limit yourself to your Mac’s limited storage capacity. QNAP NAS gives you terabytes of storage, all instantly accessible.

  • All of Your Files, Always There.

    Access your files anywhere. With QNAP’s wide array of apps for iOS, remotely access and manage your files.

  • Your Movie Library, Now Streaming.

    Multimedia support on QNAP expands the capability of your Apple TV. Stream content using Airplay, or even with PLEX.

  • Your Data, Protected.

    Never lose another file. QNAP NAS with RAID protection provides redundancy, preventing drive failure. QNAP keeps your data safe, at all times.

  • Say Goodbye to DAS.

    Don’t limit yourself to a DAS. With QNAP NAS, untether yourself from devices that only allows a single user. While your files are all protected, and encrypted.

  • Under Lock and Key.

    With AES-256 bit Encryption, your data is always kept safe. QNAP NAS provides industry leading security to keep your content confidential.

Optimized for macOS.

Expand your Mac’s limited storage with QNAP NAS. Optimized for macOS, QNAP NAS brings you terabytes of storage on hand, with incredibly fast performance and connectivity. MacOS Sierra support provides faster and improved finder browsing, and interoperability with file color tags. And when you are away from your workstation, your files are still accessible via remote access. Expand your workflow with industry leading functionality that only QNAP NAS can provide.

*And with QTS 4.3.3 or later, QNAP NAS is now optimized for macOS Sierra, with Final Cut Pro X now fully supported over SMB.


QNAP NAS brings full compatibility to your iOS devices. Directly access your iPhone or iPad photos and videos right from your QNAP NAS. With QTS 4.3.4, importing media from iOS devices isn’t just easy and uncomplicated- you can bypass the Photos app or syncing with iTunes altogether. And with a wide selection of apps for your iPhone or iPad, all of your files, photos, and videos are instantly accessible.

* Direct access to iOS devices is only supported on QTS 4.3.4 or above.


Browse and share files on your QNAP NAS remotely with Qfile


Monitor and manage your QNAP NAS remotely with Qmanager


View, upload, and share your photo library remotely with Qphoto


Watch, share, and upload video content remotely with Qvideo

Even more apps for your QNAP NAS

Apple TV.

QNAP NAS makes it easy to enjoy your content on Apple TV. Stream video and photos from your NAS over Airplay. Install the Qmedia app to instantly browse and watch your content on your NAS. Even use your QNAP NAS as a PLEX server, and stream your content to Apple TV directly. QNAP NAS brings unprecedented flexibility and functionality to your Apple TV.

Qmedia for tvOS Plex on QNAP NAS