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How do I access WebDAV on iPhone/iPod Touch?

The step-by-step guide below demonstrates how to connect to your NAS via WebDAV on iPhone/ iPod Touch

iPhone Firmware Version: 3.1.2
QNAP NAS Firmware Version: 3.2.0

Before getting started

WebDAVYou will need an application which supports WebDAV client. Open "App Store" on your iPhone. Search for "webdav", you will several applications which support WebDAV client.

We will use one of the free apps - "DAV-E free" in the following demonstration.





  1. WebDAVAfter installing the application, launch it on your iPhone.
  2. Enter the URL of your WebDAV host, the username and its password.
    Example: http://IP_or_Host/Share_Name/

  3. WebDAVThere you go! Upon successful login, you can browse all the folders and files in this share folder, and access/ open the files (if the format is supported by OS X on iPhone/ iPod Touch).
Data de lançamento: 2013-07-16
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