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Het verbinden van QVR Pro met QNAP NAS via QIoT Suite Lite

In this tutorial, you will learn how to connect QVR Pro to QNAP NAS via QIoT Suite Lite.

Step_1: Open QVR Pro and set the event

  • For information on installing QVR Pro, please visit https://www.qnap.com/en/how-to/tutorial/article/how-to-install-qvr-pro-beta
  • Once installed, start QVR Pro, and open "Event Management".
  • Click "+" to create a new rule.
  • Enter a "Name" (for example: QIoT). (The "Description" is optional)
  • Click "Next".
  • In "If -->The following event(s) occur", click "Add".
  • In "Add Event":
    • Name: Enter a preferred name (for example: "QIoT").
    • Type: Choose "Event URL".
  • Enter an "Event source name" (for example: "temp").
  • After entering the Event source name, a URL link will appear. Click "Copy to Clipboard".
  • Click "OK".
  • In "Then -->Perform the following action(s)", click "Add".
  • In "Add Action":
    • Name: Enter a preferred name (for example: "Action").
    • Type: Choose "Event Recording".
  • In "Items":
    • Choose a camera ( If you have not set up a camera, refer to the Quick Setup Tutorial of QVR Pro Beta 0.8 for instructions)
    • Click "OK".
  • Click "Next".
  • Click "Finish".

Step_2: Setting QIoT Rule http request node

  • Open your IoT Application and click "Rule".
  • In "function", choose "switch" and "http request", and then pull them into Flow 1.
  • Click "Switch". (In here, set up the rules yourself).
  • Click "http request":
    • In "URL: Enter the URL link you have copied from QVR settings. (If QVR Pro and QIoT are used in the same NAS, the IP address must be changed to "")
  • Click "Done" and "Save".
  • If QIoT received the rules settings it will notify QVR Pro to capture video. You will see the message "event [temp] detected".
Uitgavedatum: 2017-10-26
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