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Complete your digital home with the Turbo NAS

The modern home is bursting at the seams with data. From PCs to smartphones, games consoles to tablets we are constantly adding new media, files and other data to our lives. One solution for storing, sharing and syncing this data is network-attached storage, or NAS, that allows you to centrally store & manage all of your important data, photos and media. QNAP provides a wide range of Turbo NAS devices to help complete your digital home.

Problems faced in the
average digital home

See just a number of the common issues surrounding a digital home, before finding out how the Turbo NAS can help.


I thought my favorite album was on my smartphone…

Whether on computers, phones or MP3 players, everyone in your home has their own collection. But mobile devices can only carry so many files, and syncing between devices can sometimes be a hassle.

Where do I store all my photos?

Nowadays almost every mobile device is a camera, and everyone is a photographer. But organizing, sharing and finding secure, long-term storage for important photos can sometimes lead to people having to choose which one of their precious photos to delete to make room for more.

I’d really like to watch that movie, but I don’t have the space…

More and more mobile devices allow you to download & watch HD videos. But HD movies require lots of space, making it impossible to carry a large number of them. Not to mention the difficulties of wanting to enjoy these movies on your home's HDTV.

Why is it so inconvenient to share this file?

If you want to share your files with a friend or another device in your household, you normally would have to find a USB cable, SD card, burn it to disc or wait for a lengthy upload & download process on a cloud storage platform.

Where did I leave that backup…

The average home has a number of computers & devices that may not be properly backed up. And even then, how reliable are the countless discs, USB sticks and portable drives that we use to save & store our backups?

How a Turbo NAS can benefit your home

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  • Music to your ears –
    and all of your devices
    With a dedicated Music Station, it's never been easier to enjoy listening, organizing and syncing all of the music in your home with all the devices you use.
  • Picture-perfect storage
    for photos
    Your precious photos are in safe hands with the Photo Station. Allowing you to organize, share and even automatically upload photos from your smartphone, the Turbo NAS is perfect for storing and sharing all of your photos.
  • Enjoy your movies
    Providing enough space for countless HD videos and a range of options including DLNA, Airplay, real-time transcoding to mobile devices and HDMI connectivity, the Turbo NAS can easily be the centerpiece of your home cinema and mobile entertainment.
  • Simple sharing
    When you want to share media or files from the Turbo NAS, there's no need to break out the USB cables or SD cards - nor is there the need to even be in the same place! Easily sync & share files wherever you are, wherever you go, to any device you want.
  • Built for backup
    With a large storage capacity, excellent file transfer speed, a range of backup apps and solid hardware, the Turbo NAS is the ideal location for backing up all of your home computers and devices.
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Recommended Turbo NAS

There is a Turbo NAS for every home function and budget. Here are just a handful of our best options for the Home.

Recommended High-end option


Quad-core Intel® Celeron® N3150 1.6GHz processor Quad-core Intel® Celeron® N3150 1.6GHz processor
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Mid-range option Entry-level option


Quad-core Intel® Celeron® 2.0GHz processor Dual-core Annapurna Labs Alpine AL-212 1.4GHz processor
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