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QTS 4.3.3 Beta2
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QTS 4.3.3

QTS 4.3.3Beta2

Find your NAS model and download the QTS 4.3.3 Beta2 below. Before you start, please carefully read "Notes" section at the bottom of this page, and the release note provided with the firmware.

QTS 4.3.3 Release Candidate 5 Firmware

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Each QNAP NAS model requires different type of firmware, the following guide will help you find the suitable firmware for your NAS.

Step 1 - Bay

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Step 2 - Model

Which model name is your QNAP NAS?

Step 3 - Download

Here is the firmware ready for you.

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By clicking "Download", you accept all the terms and conditions mentioned in the "Notes" section in the bottom of this page.

Release Note

Please read the Release Note for advanced technical information.


  1. If you come across an issue that you feel needs addressing, please send your report directly to us using the “Feedback” function in QTS. (Please log into your NAS, and go to “More” > “Feedback” in the upper-right corner of the QTS Desktop).
  2. QNAP is not responsible for copyright or other legal issues that may arise while the Beta Program lasts.
  3. QNAP is not responsible for loss or damage of the data pertaining to participation of the Beta Program. Participants are advised to backup critical data in advance.
  4. QNAP is not responsible for damage to your product during the Beta Program.
  5. If the participants are using Firmware version 3.7 or earlier, please upgrade the firmware to version 3.8 first.
  6. Please note that since the Beta edition has not yet been commercially released by QNAP, it may contain errors or inaccuracies and may result in data loss or cause issues of system reliability. If such problems arise, you may need to reinitialize your system to resume normal operation.