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Business Partner:VirtualHere Pty. Ltd.
TShare USB devices over the network using the QNAP NAS.
Application Name:VirtualHere USB Server

VirtualHere is the perfect solution for sharing USB devices on the LAN, over the Internet, or in the Cloud. All existing device drivers and software work, no special changes required. The VirtualHere USB Server virtualizes the USB bus, so the network becomes the USB cable (USB over IP).


  • Compatible with most devices
    Most devices like security dongles, printers, scanners, USB-Serial devices, speakers, sd-card readers and so forth will work with VirtualHere and can be shared over the network.
  • Very easy to setup
    Simply install the VirtualHere USB Server from the QNAP App Center and click the VirtualHere icon in QTS to download the client.
  • Remote access to USB devices from Windows, OSX and Linux
    The VirtualHere client runs on each end user machine and has a very simple interface for easily finding and using remote devices connected to your QNAP.
  • Use USB devices in any Virtual Machine
    VirtualHere USB Server for QNAP will allow USB devices connected to your NAS to be directly used in Virtual Machines running on a separate server or locally via Virtualization Station.


  • VirtualHere sends the USB protocol over the network (USB over IP) instead of a cable. It takes the USB signal from your NAS and recreates the signal on your client machine so to the client machine the device appears directly connected and can be used like normal.
  • With VirtualHere you can centralize your USB devices next to your NAS, and any network user can access them automatically through the network.
  • Very useful for enabling expensive USB security dongles to accessed securely from your data center, rather than having to be plugged directly into an end-user machine.
  • Plug a USB Hub into your QNAP and VirtualHere can share all those devices over the network also!
  • VirtualHere allows most older scanners and printers to be fully network enabled.

Use Cases

  1. Engineering shops
    Leave your CAD USB License dongles in the server room, no need to be plugged into the client machine unsecured.
  2. Virtual Machine migration
    If you are migrating your servers to the cloud, give them access to local USB devices in your office via the QNAP server and VirtualHere running on the client in the cloud.
  3. Small Businesses
    Give those old office scanners and printers a new lease on life by networking them via VirtualHere.
  4. Hobbyists
    Remotely program electronic devices via USB over the network instead of having to connect the programmer locally. E.g arduino.
  5. Photography shops
    Plug your camera SD card into an USB reader attached to your QNAP and those files can now be immediately accessed over the network.
  6. Schools/Hospitals
    Connect all ipads to a central qnap server and refresh and install/uninstall apps and manage them remotely via the network.

Application operation

VirtualHere is composed of a Server component that runs on the QNAP and advertises available USB devices over the network and a VirtualHere USB Client component. Each end user runs the VirtualHere Client on their machine. The client will automatically find available USB devices shared over the network as shown below:

Simply, right click on the device and select Use it will then be virtually connected and can be used just as if the device was local!

User Group

Network Administrators, Power users, Small Businesses

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