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QNAP Security Introduces VS-8148 Pro+ VioStor NVR with HDMI Local Display

The new standalone VS-8148 Pro+ VioStor NVR is designed for megapixel and HDMI surveillance solutions, featuring enhanced hardware performance for HDMI local display and large storage space for high definition video recording.

Taipei, Taiwan, September 22, 2011 – QNAP Security, the leading manufacturer of Linux-embedded standalone Network Video Recorders (NVR) today announced the launch of its VS-8148 Pro+ VioStor NVR, a brand new model that supports high-definition local display through the HDMI interface for video and audio monitoring from multiple IP cameras. The 8-drive VS-8148 Pro+ supports up to 24TB of storage capacity, offers maximum 360 Mbps throughput and ability to support simultaneous recording from 48 IP camera channels. The VS-8148 Pro+ is tailored for small to large scale surveillance applications that require megapixel video recording, large storage capacity, and high quality monitoring.

A brief highlight of the VS-8148 Pro+ VioStor NVR:

  • Powerful CPU Processing Ability: The VS-8148 Pro+ utilizes Intel Core i3 processor and 2GB DDR3 memory for superior system performance, achieving up to 360 Mbps throughput.
  • High Resolution Local Display: The VS-8148 Pro+ is compatible with widescreen HDMI monitors and TVs of different resolutions, up to 1920 x 1080 pixels, for both video and audio monitoring. The NVR also supports 1, 4, 6, 8, 9, 10, and 12-channel monitoring and sequential display mode. Users can quickly configure the NVR, monitor IP cameras, and play the videos using a USB mouse, a USB keyboard (optional), and a monitor connected to the VioStor NVR via the HDMI interface.
  • Huge Storage Capacity for Long-term Recording: The VS-8148 Pro+ offers up to 24TB of storage capacity (using eight 3TB hard drives), making it ideal for recording large amount of video data over a long period of time.
  • Dynamic E-map: With the latest VioStor NVR firmware, the VS-8148 Pro+ can clearly present the position of each IP camera and its coverage through the dynamic E-map. Users can now easily upload multiple layers of customized maps, drag and drop camera icons anywhere on the maps and define each camera’s location. This customizable E-map allows users to quickly switch the channels to visualize the locations where alarms are triggered, which dramatically reduces response time to emergencies.
  • Convenient Remote Live View and Playback Capabilities: The VS-8148 Pro+ provides access to remote live view and recording playback functions through any PC connected to the Internet. Users on the go can download the QNAP VMobile surveillance application for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phones, or Windows PDA to connect to an unlimited number of NVRs and even receive push alarm notifications. With VMobile, these robust functions are readily available anywhere and anytime through any Wi-Fi and 3G or 4G data networks.

“The global security surveillance market has seen a strong trend of shifting toward HD resolution applications. QNAP is well-positioned to embrace this change. The breakthrough HDMI local display of the VS-8148 Pro+ VioStor NVR is definitely a turnkey solution to users who need locally rendered sharp and crystal clear images,” said Amily Fang, Product Manager at QNAP Security. She went on to state that “with the superior data processing performance of the VS-8148 Pro+ and its capability to monitor 128 channels from multiple servers, we expect more medium to large sized projects to utilize the strengths of the VS-8148 Pro+.”

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