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How to manage download tasks using Qget


Qget can help manage download tasks on your QNAP NAS. You can easily search download resources, download content to your NAS, and manage download tasks on mobile devices.

Starting Qget

1. Please ensure that Download Station has been installed and enabled in the App Center.

2. Install Qget on your mobile device from Google Play.

3. Set up the connection with your QNAP NAS. Qget will automatically find every QNAP NAS on your local network. Based on the search result, select a NAS and login with your username and password. If you have changed the connection port (default: 8080) of the NAS, enter the new port number.

Add tasks to Download Station

Qget provides 4 ways for users to add download tasks to Download Station:

1. Browser: You can use built-in browser to visit download websites. When you click on a download link, Qget will ask you if you want to use Download Station to download the file.

2. BT Search: You can input keywords and search for torrent links. Click on a displayed result and Download Station will download the files.

3. BT Upload: Upload torrent files to Download Station and let it download BT files for you.

4. Input URL: You can directly input URLs to Qget and start the download task in Download Station.

Manage download tasks on your QNAP NAS

Qget allows you to monitor all of the tasks in Download Station. You can manage download tasks, view their detailed information, or even use Qfile to open the download folder.

Icon Description

Input URLs

Upload BT files

Multi-select. You can start, pause, and delete multiple tasks at the same time.

Task filter.

Group action.

Use HappyGet to download media files

HappyGet allows you to download YouTube videos using Qget. To use this feature:

1. Install and enable HappyGet 2 from the App Center.

2. When using the Qget browser to watch a video on YouTube, click the HappyGet icon to download the video.

Release date: 2015-09-14
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