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How to connect to Amazon Glacier with Cloud Backup Sync?

Amazon Glacier

Amazon Glacier is an extremely low-cost cloud archive storage service that provides secure and reliable storage for data archiving and online backup. Glacier costs less than regular object storage, and its data durability matches object storage, or even higher. However, retrieving data from object storage cannot be started immediately. It can take 4 or 5 hours before you can start downloading data from Glacier. For more information, please visit http://aws.amazon.com/glacier/.

QNAP offers the Cloud Backup Sync App for using Amazon Glacier. It supports all AWS standard regions around the world including China. The App stores each of your files as an archive and it will submit data retrieval jobs when you want to restore your data. It is recommended to use Glacier to only store infrequently-accessed data.

You can create an account and storage space first, then you can use the storage space to create backup and restore jobs.


After opening Hybrid Backup Sync, expand the “Storage Space” tab on the left panel and click “Profile” to create a new cloud account. In this page, you can create, edit, and delete accounts and configure the rate limit settings for each account. If you modify the cloud storage account identity (like changing its username or access key) the state of the corresponding jobs will be reset and all of the files will need to be uploaded again as the backup destination has also changed.

To create a cloud account, click “Create” and select “Cloud Account”.

Choose a cloud service and click “Next” button to enter the account information.

The App allows you to use the Glacier service from the AWS global and China sites. As the two sites are managed separately, you cannot use the credentials of one site to access the other. To access Glacier cloud storage, you need an access key and secret key from your cloud management console. Enter the key information when creating an account in the App. We also recommend that you use access keys of AWS IAM users instead of AWS root account access keys.

Storage Space

After creating a cloud account, go to “Storage Space” to create a cloud storage space. Then you can use this storage space to create backup and restore jobs.

Click the “Adding Storage Space” icon, choose “On cloud”, click a cloud service, then enter a storage name and select a cloud account to set a storage space.

You must select a region or use a new region for a storage space. The multipart size defines the size of data units to be transferred. Using a larger multipart size can improve data transfer speeds, as a fewer number of network connections are needed for transferring a file. However, larger multipart sizes require retransmission of larger chunks of data when a connection is interrupted. Do not use larger multipart sizes if your network is unstable. On the other hand, Amazon Glacier supports up to 10,000 parts for single file uploading. For example, if you choose to use 32MB as the multipart size for your job, the maximum size of a single file will be 320,000 MB.

If you have not created a cloud account, select “New Profile” and click “Settings” to create a new account.

Release date: 2016-01-30
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