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What’s the difference between Backup and Sync in Hybrid Backup Station?


The backup feature is used to backup files and folders from several local folders to one destination folder. The destination folder can be local, remote (to another NAS) or cloud storage. The local and remote backup support multi-version backup and all backup features support incremental backups.

Deleting files from their original location after the backup jobs have been completed will not delete their backed up copies from the destination folder.


There are two different methods of syncing. Use this feature if you need to keep the same copies of files in multiple locations.

One-way Sync

You can set up folder pairs so that when you make changes to files in the source folder, these changes will be reflected in the destination folder. If you delete or modify a file in the source folder then it will also be deleted/modified in the destination folder.

Deleting or modifying files in the destination folder will not be reflected in the source folder.

We recommend using this setting if you want to make sure no files will accidentally be deleted from the source folder.

Two-way Sync

Similar to the One-way Sync, except in this case if a file is deleted or modified in the destination folder (remote server or cloud storage) the same modifications will be applied to the files in the source folder. If a file is deleted on the server side, it will also be deleted from the source (local) folder.

This setting is useful if you just want to keep the same copies of files in multiple locations.

Release date: 2017-11-21
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