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Turbo NAS for Home
Easily enrich home entertainment and content sharing
Home Multimedia
Home Multimedia
QNAP Turbo NAS features rich multimedia applications and acts as a home multimedia "hub" for storing files from family members and making them available on various devices, in the home and on the go. You can browse photos or play music and videos on DLNA compatible devices, enjoy digital videos on mobile devices, and easily share them with family members and friends.

Multimedia Center

Enjoy your recreational life with the Turbo NAS and transform the Turbo NAS into your multimedia center.

Back up, share, gain more fun

The Turbo NAS offers large storage capacity for backing up your digital photo, music and video collections. Share multimedia content with family members and friends in numerous ways over the Internet as easy as 1..2..3.

Effortless multimedia management

Photos, music and videos in all shared folders, can be displayed in corresponding applications, such as Photo Station, Music Station, Video Station and DLNA Media Server. You can enjoy greater flexibility arranging your multimedia files in preferred shared folders. Thumbnails of photos, music and video files enhance your browsing experience. Moreover, all the multimedia files will be indexed into the system database, so searching and organizing huge amount of multimedia files, for example, by date or by labels, now becomes more quickly.

Enjoy your home theater

The Turbo NAS is a media center with DLNA/UPnP support. By using DLNA/UPnP digital devices, such as HDTV sets, Sony PS4™, Microsoft Xbox 360 and Hi-Fi system, you can view photos and play videos, listen to music stored on the Turbo NAS, and even stream Internet radio stations from all over the world.

Terabytes of fun on-the-go

Handheld devices have become an important part of our lives. We use it to check emails, listen to music, take photos, and do lots of other things. However, due to limited storage, we have to leave large collections of files at home. The QNAP Qfile, Qmusic and Qphoto apps enable you to stream photos, music and videos from the Turbo NAS and play the files directly on your iOS®, Android™ and Windows® (Qfile supports Windows Phone 8) mobile devices. It is like having a multimedia center with terabytes of content in your pocket. Whenever you take a great shot on the phone, you can also instantly upload it to the Turbo NAS for secure storage and sharing.

Stream music on iTunes

With the iTunes server, you can share and play the music file supported by iTunes player installed on any Mac® or Windows®PC on the home network.

Application Notes Qfile iTunes server


The Turbo NAS is a full media center with DLNA support. You can use DLNA-compatible devices such as TV, HDTV, Smart TV sets, Sony® PS4™, Microsoft® Xbox 360 and Hi-Fi system to enjoy HD quality videos stored on the Turbo NAS.


Photo Station

Archive your memories.
Share your life.

The QTS Photo Station introduces a new user interface that helps manage your photo collections intuitively. You can easily upload photos, create albums, change the display mode, set up slideshows, tag photos, add descriptions, and set up sharing through email, social networking sites or a sharing link. Now, you can just take as many photos as you want and trust your precious photo collections with the Turbo NAS, worry-free!

Personalized photo wall on log-in screen

Personalize your QTS 4.1 log-in page with your public photo collection from the Photo Station. You can share your favorite photos publicly to the photo wall on the login page, so every time when you log on your Turbo NAS, you will start with happy memories from your photo collection.

Arrange photos by drag-and-drop

The QTS Photo Station provides an intuitive web interface with drag-and-drop convenience, allowing you to arrange photos into albums or slideshows in seconds.

Convenient virtual albums

Freely drag and drop photos from your photo gallery to arrange various virtual albums. These virtual albums are convenient for you to enjoy photos in an organized way and make them easier to share. Feel free to create as many virtual albums as possible as they don't take up additional storage space.

Smart photo albums

You can create smart albums of photos by your predefined criteria such as dates and tags. The smart photo albums automatically collect photos with the same dates or tags. It's easier and more fun to browse through memories and organized photos. For example, show the photos taken on this day in history, and make an album for your anniversary that collects each anniversary moments in years.

Manage photos in an organized way

The QTS Photo Station introduces smart options to help organize your photos, such as auto-sorting photos in a timeline and adding tags on photos. It is especially helpful when you want to search for specific photos.

Share with friends flexibly via social networking sites

Photo sharing is easy via the QTS Photo Station. Public albums can be shared with friends on social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and Pinterest, while private photos can be shared with specific friends through a slideshow link by email. Share your visual memories easily in the way you prefer.

Save and back up
photos and videos with Smart Import

"Smart Import" is right for you to save and back up photos and videos frequently. Just connect your digital camera to the USB port on the front of the Turbo NAS, and all the photos and videos will be imported automatically in a newly created folder named "Smart Import".

Retrace the steps of your photos on Google Maps

In your photo albums, you can use the geo-tagging function to pinpoint the location of the photo on Google Maps to identify where the photos were taken. In each photo album, you can review the history of your photos on Google Maps to rediscover your path around the world.


Music Station

Collect, click, and play

The QTS Music Station is your personal music center in the cloud. With simple clicks, you can enjoy your extensive music collection anywhere. All your music collection on the Turbo NAS is well organized and easily accessed through the web browser.

Sing along with lyrics

The QTS Music Station enables you to enter the lyrics of each song. Now you can feel free to sing out loud when listening to your music collection on the Turbo NAS!

Thousands of Internet radio stations

The inbuilt online radio stations enable you to listen to thousands of local and global online radio programs. From music, talk shows to sport, all types of radio station are free for you to enjoy.

Share your taste of music

Music sharing is easy using the QTS Music Station. Simply choose the music to share, and enjoy the flexibility of being able to share it via email, a download link, or social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.


Video Station

Centralize your video collection for easy sharing & archiving

The Video Station is great for archiving, playing and sharing your rich video collection. Open the Video Station, and your video collection on the Turbo NAS is well organized for you to choose.Click on the video, import the .srt subtitle, and sit back to enjoy the clips online. Everything is so intuitive and simple. To add more fun, you can share your video collection with family or friends via social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Easily classify your videos

Classify your videos into categories such as home videos, movies, TV shows, and music videos. You can define video classification by specific video sources, and videos are automatically sorted into their defined classifications. You can also manually adjust the classification by individual videos.

Organize by tags and labels

Use video tags to efficiently manage video collection using words, rating, and color labels. It's also convenient to collect videos by categories and labels. Archiving and browsing your personal video collection online is absolutely easy.

Smart collection

You can create a smart collection of videos that match your predefined criteria such as names and ratings. The smart collections automatically collect videos with the same criteria, making it easier to find the videos you want to watch.

More fun with sharing

Video sharing is easy on the Video Station. Simply choose the video and share via email, social networking sites such as Facebook, Google+, and Twitter or a sharing link.


Download Station

Your 24/7 download center

Typical Internet downloading requires the computers being turned on throughout the process, and it is usually energy-consuming. The Download Station serves as a non-stop download center. Once you finish managing download tasks, just turn off the computer. The download tasks will keep going until they are finished.

Wide range of download types
for HD videos

You can conveniently search and download high definition movies or films to enjoy with the Download Station that supports BT, PT (Private Trackers), Magnet link, HTTP/HTTPS and FTP/FTPS download. It also supports RSS download (broad catching) for automatic BT download.

User Manual


for remote download tasks management

Besides web administration interface, QNAP also provides QGet, a powerful utility for download tasks management. The software is available for Windows and Mac computers, allowing the management of BT, HTTP, and FTP download tasks of Download Station on multiple Turbo NAS servers.

QGet enables you to add, remove, or watch your BT download jobs from LAN or WAN. You can manage your download tasks in school or at work. QGet supports intuitive drag and drop of torrent files, HTTP or FTP URL to the software interface for convenient adding of download tasks.


HD Station

A cinema-grade entertainment experience at home has never been easier – now featuring the Turbo NAS. The addition of an HDMI# port and QNAP's new HD Station turns the Turbo NAS into an amazing multimedia player. By installing the free HD Station application and connecting the Turbo NAS to a big-screen TV via HDMI, you can easily enjoy the vast video, music and photo collections stored on the Turbo NAS, surf the web, and even control the entire experience from your mobile phone or tablet. Enjoying Full HD experience is just that easy!

Surf the web

The HD Station supports Google Chrome browser so you can surf the Internet using your TV. In addition to watching movies, listening to music, and enjoying photos on the big screen, you can switch to browse the Internet or visit social networking sites for more entertainment options. Even better, since the HD Station is running on your Turbo NAS, you can download content while you're enjoying it so you'll have it in your library for future use.



Easily back up online videos

Found lots of interesting videos online and want to archive them? The HappyGet, as a third-part app available in the App Center, helps to easily back up YouTube and Vimeo videos or Facebook photos to the Turbo NAS and supports music playlist, all within the Chrome web browser.

Enjoy music playlist playback

The music playlist archived via HappyGet is provided immediately for easy browsing and playback. You can also download the files from the playlist to the computer at your convenience.

Customize personal music or ringtone

HappyGet also includes the HappyCut function to easily choose a song, and cut it to a preferred length and section or convert it for use as a ringtone for iOS® and Android™ devices. Customizing personal music or ringtone is really that simple!

The HappyGet is available in the Google Chrome Web Store


DJ Station

See yourself a music creator and look for a platform to share your musical talent? Dream of becoming a DJ to express yourself through music? The DJ Station is definitely the platform for you to channel your creation and fulfill your DJ fantasy. Play the music on air!

Channel your music talent on the air

Now you have an ideal tool to show your music creation to others. By easy drag-and-drop, move the music to the playlist and the personal live music house is ready to play. Instead of sharing one song at a time, you can easily share multiple songs in a series via Facebook with other friends. Inspire your friends by the music you present.

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