QNAP Systems, Inc. - Network Attached Storage (NAS)


Storage Expansion Compatibility

When expanding your total data storage capacity, deploying multiple NAS can increase both management complexity and costs. QNAP expansion enclosures provide an economical solution for expanding the total storage space of your QNAP NAS while greatly streamlining management and maintenance tasks.

Plug and use, seamless capacity expansion

Simply connect the expansion enclosures to a QNAP NAS and power it on. The QNAP NAS will detect the hard drives in the expansion enclosures as newly-installed local drives. You can seamlessly expand and manage the NAS capacity by using the QTS app Storage & Snapshots Manager.

Intelligent Storage & Snapshots Manager

Storage & Snapshots Manager neatly presents tools and options for managing system storage with an intuitive graphical interface. From reviewing system storage allocation in the dashboard, to managing Storage Pools, disks, snapshots and iSCSI storage, Storage & Snapshots Manager provides a centralized place to simplify storage management.