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National IT Solutions Built a Standardized IT Environment with QNAP NAS Solutions to Enhance Efficiency for Clients

  • Background

    National IT Solutions is a Managed Service Provider with a broad range of customers, including construction, accounting, medical, manufacturing and education. With only 9 staff members, National IT Solutions believes that the key to efficient management lies in having the right processes, and have continually proved that by providing exceptional response and resolution time for tickets, meeting KPIs and receiving great surveys from their clients.

  • Challenge

    As many of National IT Solutions' clients built their office IT environment with various network devices, there was no standardization for administrators to manage existing devices efficiently. It was found that most clients implement office storage on one host PC with several hard drives from different brands, and the host PC shared the storage pool to other computers for data saving and access. However, most clients suffered from sluggish file access speeds and low data security. National IT Solutions learned their clients' problems and tried to provide a total solution that could manage several client devices with one central server.

    Another challenge for National IT Solutions was to get comprehensive and timely support from numerous device vendors. Facing a variety in product brands and models, it took time and effort for National IT Solutions' staff to get a clear understanding of every client's cases with many different networked devices.


Recently National IT Solutions deployed a QNAP TS-EC880U R2 Enterprise NAS in a client's data center which required offsite replication for Veeam® backup. The TS-EC880U R2 is a reliable NAS solution to fulfill data backup, file synchronization and remote access. Moreover, the TS-EC880U R2 is fully compatible with Veeam® Backup & Replication™ software. The TS-EC880U R2 is 10GbE-ready NAS, supporting cross-platform file sharing, iSCSI and virtualization applications, and many practical business functions, making it the ideal choice for SMBs to secure important business data.

  • Q'center for NAS central management

    National IT Solutions deployed QNAP NAS solution in the client's site, and utilized Q'center across all NAS units within a WAN environment. Q'center simplifies service and support, and client's NAS status is fed to the host NAS automatically. Q'center allows National IT Solutions to remotely manage multiple NAS firmware updates, system settings, user permissions, and monitor system alerts.

  • Work smarter with Q'center

    With Q'center, National IT Solutions can upgrade firmware for all NAS at once and get an overview of system status from the Q'center dashboard. Instead of logging onto each NAS individually, monitoring the storage space and hard drive performance of each NAS is effortless now. Moreover, National IT Solutions can define several rule sets in Q'center App, and the rules can be applied to NAS added to the portal in the future.


The productivity of National IT Solutions' clients improved significantly after deploying QNAP NAS solutions. The main benefit is the ability to get an overall look at each site and to monitor hard drive status, system resource utilization, to manage firmware and to receive system notifications. Besides, the QNAP support team offers timely technical support to National IT Solutions and their clients.

National IT Solutions used to manually log in to each NAS onsite and run a weekly check that took approximately 3.5 hours per week per client. National IT Solutions now has a widget-driven dashboard that has a constant overview of their managed NAS. This allows their IT staff to proactively handle cases as they happen instead of waiting to be notified. Another benefit is if an employee leaves the client's portal, National IT Solutions can easily deactivate and reset passwords via Q'center. With Q'center, National IT Solutions has the ability to central manage NAS for many client sites and to react to urgent issues in time.

"I no longer have the monotonous task of checking the status of each NAS and dealing with multiple vendors trying to remember where the disk status is displayed. Q'center is amazing and I can see it displayed from anywhere in the office," said Kelvin Godde, Systems Engineer, National IT Solutions.