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Bravo & Whiskey Photography centralize and simplify their storage with a TS-451+

  • Introduction

    Bravo & Whiskey Photography is a UK-based photography startup operated by two freelance photographers. They love to take photographs in their spare time alongside providing professional services such as logo design, product shots, photo shoots, photograph restoration, prints, and film production. They are currently seeking to take their services to the next level by establishing an office from where they can grow their business.

  • Challenge

    Bravo & Whiskey Photography's greatest challenge was managing their storage. As they currently do not have an office and they travel a lot, accessing files on the go was very difficult for them. As their members are based on opposite sides of London, using physical file transfer methods through external hard drives and SD cards was not a feasible option. Another challenge was being able to securely store their data, as they had previously experienced a drive failure that almost led to them losing a proportion of their data. Finally, their usage of multiple devices and systems required a cross-platform solution to ensure that all of their devices could access their files.


Bravo & Whiskey Photography saw the TS-451+ as being the ideal solution to centralize and manage their data. Powered by a quad-core Intel® Celeron® 2.0 GHz processor and up to 8 GB RAM, the TS-451+ is a high-end 4-bay NAS for home and SOHO users looking for an uncompromising high-performance scalable storage solution.

  • Cross-platform file sharing

    The TS-451+ has near-universal compatibility with every device on the market, allowing Bravo & Whiskey to share and access files using their Windows®, Mac®, iOS® and Android™ devices.

  • Storage capacity and RAID protection

    With four drive bays, the TS-451+ can potentially store up to 40 TB* raw capacity. With its RAID 5 protection, Bravo & Whiskey Photography are protected against losing data if a disk fails.

  • Integrated printer server functionality

    Being able to quickly print and sell photographs provides photography companies with a dependable source of income. With the integrated printer server functionality in the TS-451+ Bravo & Whiskey Photography can enjoy a quick turnaround in selling and printing photos.

  • Surveillance Station

    Small businesses and startups need to protect their investments and when buying IT equipment they need to ensure they are getting the maximum functionality for the money spent. With its Surveillance Station, the TS-451+ allows Bravo & Whiskey Photography to ensure that once they are settled into an office that they do not need to worry about investing extra on dedicated surveillance monitoring equipment.

  • Easily expandable

    If Bravo & Whiskey Photography should run out of storage space on their TS-451+, it can be easily expanded by connecting a QNAP UX-800P expansion enclosure. This adds 8 drives and potentially up to 80 TB* of extra storage capacity for future data growth requirements.

    *Using 10 TB hard drives.


The QNAP TS-451+ provided Bravo & Whiskey Photography with a centralized location for their files that can be easily accessed by multiple devices. Its data security features also allows them to safely store their data and ensure it can be recovered from a possible disk failure. They enjoyed a productivity and efficiency boost by up to 50% and have a foundation to build a future IT infrastructure with the support for a print server, Surveillance Station and easily expandable storage.

"Adopting a QNAP NAS was a great idea, all our media is now accessible wherever, whenever. It has helped us improve the efficiency of our company," said Courtney Bogle and Lewis Charlton, Bravo & Whiskey Photography.

With a TS-451+, Bravo & Whiskey Photography can focus on developing their burgeoning business with the peace of mind knowing their photos are secure and easily accessible.