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Viscovery deployed QNAP NAS to build a private cloud database for high-capacity data storage and video recognition analysis

  • Background

    Established in 2013, Viscovery is the world’s leading video AI company based on deep learning and computer vision technology. Viscovery’s revolutionary Video Discovery Service (VDS) product, with its core FITAMOS™ solution, provides digital video image recognition across seven major categories: face, image, text, audio, motion, object, and scene. The VDS platform is able to identify valuable information in videos, providing video service solutions for companies that can be applied to digital advertising and brand analysis. Viscovery’s VDS platform also provides five major solutions including contextual advertisements, video content interaction, video search engine, IoT services, and customized services.

  • Challenge

    The VDS platform automatically recognizes video content and generates tags to highlight content with high business value, and it also breaks the myth that unstructured data (such as photos and videos) cannot be indexed. In the training phase, VDS requires massive multilingual video and image inputs to improve video recognition accuracy and analysis speed. With over ten patented deep learning and computer vision algorithms, the VDS platform is capable of recognizing visual content in seven main categories, including face, image, text, audio, motion, object, and scene. However, with constantly-growing video content, the existing workstation server was overwhelmed by over 20 million images, and the storage drives could no longer cover the enormous data scale and massive workflow. “We were eager to find an optimal storage solution that would help us properly store and manage data-mining videos, provide speedy access to every R&D center workstation, and ensure a high level of protection for our video recognition database,” said Albert Chen PhD, VP of Viscovery.


Considering all requirements, Viscovery chose a QNAP TS-1685 to be the storage solution in their Taipei headquarters. Viscovery has approximately 4 million videos in total, and the workstation computers need to process almost 300,000 hours of video workflows every month. Powered by an Intel® Xeon® D-1521 2.4 GHz quad-core processor, the TS-1685 provides optimum performance to fulfill diversified application needs, and it works perfectly as a high-capacity data center supporting up to 16 hard drives. The TS-1685 also optimizes storage efficiency with M.2/2.5-inch SSD caching that boosted Viscovery's overall system performance by up to 30% while improving accessibility and analysis efficiency.

  • Qtier technology

    To improve recognition accuracy, Viscovery adopted Qtier auto-tiering technology to deal with the large-scale video data mining while optimizing their data storage usage.

  • 10GbE connectivity

    The workstation computers can access the storage pool via 10GbE connectivity, and server capacity will be centralized on video recognition and graphical calculation.

  • Qsync for teamwork collaboration

    The TS-1685 handles heavy video processing workflows properly, and automatically synchronizes the VDS analysis results to multiple computers via Qsync to enhance work collaboration and data security.

  • QNAP block-based LUN snapshot

    Viscovery uses RAID 10 to configure TS-1685 for the combination of data backup and storage space management. More importantly, Viscovery uses QNAP's block-based LUN snapshots for NAS backup. With snapshots, individual files can be easily restored if they are accidentally deleted or overwritten, and the entire system can be reverted to a specific state-in-time or a healthier status when necessary. QNAP's block-based LUN snapshots allows for faster backup and reduced disaster recovery time, preventing business loss from system failure or human error.

  • Real-time Remote Replication (RTRR)

    Viscovery also adopted RTRR technology to back up LUN snapshots from their Taipei R&D center NAS to branch offices, ensuring an all-encompassing storage solution for their highly-confidential video indexing database.


Viscovery is a rapidly-growing startup company, and a solid IT infrastructure will be a key factor for their continual progress. To cover the growing market demands of interactive media content and video advertising, a comprehensive storage solution is necessary. QTS provides a simplified user interface and feature-rich apps, making database management, speedy video access, and data synchronization very handy to Viscovery.

The TS-1685 not only fits Viscovery’s requirements for intense access of meta-scale video databases but also supports versatile services and applications to boost productivity. Albert Chen said that "data access became fast and smooth since using the QNAP TS-1685 NAS, and recognition-training computers can be dedicated to video analysis and intelligent indexing. It used to take hours for VDS database backup, and the process impacts overall system efficiency. With the TS-1685 NAS, we apply Volume/LUN snapshots, multi-devices data sync and RTRR technology to save time and efforts for our IT team. QNAP NAS ensures data security and protects our business intellectual property."