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Eisen Film Production Inc. Adopts QNAP TVS-682T Thunderbolt™ NAS to Optimize 4K Drone Video Post Production Workflow

  • Background

    Eisen Film Production Inc. is a renowned drone photography & recording studio in Taiwan, operated by Sam Lin.. In 2014, Sam returned to his hometown and combined his RC helicopter skills with his love of photography by starting a drone photography & recording studio. Since then, Sam has accumulated massive experience and skills in drone photography & recording.

  • Challenge

    Sam is one of the pioneers of drone photography & recording in Taiwan. As drone filming projects can generate dozens of gigabytes of data, Sam relied on external hard drives to store his data. With his growing workload, Sam constantly needed more storage space, which made this storage method very costly and inconvenient. Sam also faced bottlenecks when transferring data to these drives. With his projects requiring quick post-production work, the USB interface of these drives - not to mention managing data to-and-from these drives - made transferring HD and 4K files a very time-consuming process. Another challenge was being unable to quickly locate files he wanted from his numerous external hard drives. Last but not least, the nature of his work as a drone photographer also requires Sam to spend a great amount of time on location - making it impossible to access files that are in his office. To overcome these challenges, Sam's priority was to find a storage solution that could offer a centralized high-capacity storage space with high-speed transfer and easy remote access.


Primarily working on a MacBook Pro, Sam saw QNAP TVS-682T’s potential to meet his requirements. Powered by a high-performance Intel® Core™ i3 dual-core processor and 8GB DDR4 RAM that deliver outstanding system performance, the TVS-682T's Thunderbolt 2 connectivity also provides high-speed transfer data transfer - making it an ideal storage solution for CPU-demanding and bandwidth-consuming 4K video applications. For the NAS drives, he chose the Seagate IronWolf which is optimized for RAID environments.

  • Productivity-boosting Thunderbolt™ 2 Connectivity

    4K videos are huge, and require high bandwidth for timely file transfer, online editing, and playback. Thunderbolt™ 2 provides up to 20Gb/s bandwidth (twenty times that of normal Ethernet networks). These incredible speeds have greatly streamlined large 4K file management for Sam.

  • Online editing of 4K videos

    The TVS-682T's high speeds and processing abilities enables online editing of 4K videos. Instead of having to waste time copying 4K content from the NAS to his computer to edit videos, Sam can conveniently directly access and edit the files on the NAS using his video editing software without noticeable lag or slowdown.

  • Expandable high-capacity storage and RAID protection

    The TVS-682T supports 6 hard drives and comes with full RAID support for enhancing performance and providing data protection. Sam protects his data with the integrated RAID 5 support, and by using 4 NAS-optimized Seagate IronWolf 4TB hard drives he has 12TB of usable space - a huge storage base with more than enough space to archive his existing work and to fit all his demanding projects in the foreseeable future. In the event of him requiring more storage space, the TVS-682T can also be expanded on demand by using Thunderbolt-based expansion enclosures that are easy to install and manage.

  • Qsirch, powerful full-text search engine

    The TVS-682T provides QNAP’s proprietary full-text search engine, Qsirch, that provides ultra-fast file searching and thumbnail preview for quickly finding vital photos and videos.

  • Convenient remote access

    CloudLink is a secure remote access service, allowing users to access their QNAP NAS from anywhere via the Internet. CloudLink allows Sam to access the data stored on the TVS-682T wherever his work may take him.


The TVS-682T and IronWolf combined solution has totally revolutionized Sam's work. The combination of high-speed Thunderbolt™ 2 transfer and online editing has allowed him to greatly boost his productivity. When Sam shoots on location, he can access his TVS-682T via the Internet, providing a great tool for reaching materials he requires for subsequent post-production work. He can edit videos at any time and from anywhere, streamlining every part of his projects. The TVS-682T provides Sam with a high-capacity, centralized storage space to securely keep his recordings - and with the help of Qsirch, Sam no-longer has to waste time hunting for files when he needs them the most. "After I switched to the TVS-682T as the main storage device for my work, it takes far less time transferring files and keeping everything backed up. Transferring files up to 40 or 50GB is finished in no time at all. My productivity has definitely been enhanced. The QNAP TVS-682T with Seagate IronWolf is truly an excellent storage solution that provides me with peace of mind," Sam said with satisfaction, as he prepares for his next spectacular 4K video project made easier by QNAP NAS.