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Great Product - CHIP (Italy) (2014/03/01)
TS-269 Pro
“The TS-269 Pro is a great NAS when it comes to performances and functions. The QTS operating system is particularly brilliant on this model, and the possibility to expand the functions makes it the perfect fit for any use.”
Very Good - Clubic (France) (2013/12/09)
TS-269 Pro
"With its HDMI port and blazing performance, QNAP TS-269 Pro is undoubtedly the top product in the market."
Brand of the year 2013 - PC-WELT (Germany) (2013/7/22)
1st place: Brand of the Year, 2013, Home/SOHO NAS Category
1st place: Brand of the Year, 2013, SMB NAS Category
1st place: Technology-winning, 2013, Home/SOHO NAS Category
1st place: Technology Winner, 2013, SMB NAS Category
Review of TS-269 Pro - Thinkdigit (India) (2013/5/14)
TS-269 Pro
‘’It has many more interesting features, it’s fast and so it is an ideal NAS system for Small-to-Medium-Businesses as well as for home users who are in search of a high performance 2-bay NAS system.’’
Review of QTS 4.0 - Techstation (Italy) (2013/5/9)
QTS 4.0
‘’QNAP has done a very good job updating the old GUI and greatly increased the use of the Consumer NAS for the users.’’
Rating 9 out of 10 - Computing on Demand (US) (2013/4/2)
TS-269 Pro
“What you have here in the TS-269 Pro is a master piece. This unit has everything you want, and more.”
Editor’s Choice Award – Real World Labs (US) (2013/3/18)
TS-269 Pro
“With the release of HD Station from QNAP It is pretty safe to say we can all throw away our standalone media players, that is if you have a QNAP appliance. If you don't yet have a NAS I’m not really sure what you’re waiting for.”
Gold Award – Hardware.Info (2013/2/14)
TS-269 Pro
“It is a fully-featured NAS, with good performance and lots of connectors.”
QNAP TS-269 Pro review - TechHive (US) (2013/1/30)
TS-269 Pro
“The TS-269 Pro is a very good NAS box - arguably the best in its class.”
Best Choice / Exetreme Quality – The Overclock Hole (2013/1/18)
TS-269 Pro
“Fast updates and an incredibly vast and powerful software pack make the NAS solution work for all your networking needs.”
QNAP TS-269 Pro Review - Absolute Gadget (US) (2012/11/09)
TS-269 Pro
"If you are looking for a powerful, well-built server to provide your business with the reliability it needs, the TS-269 Pro is one to go for.”
Recommendation Award - Allround-PC (Germany) (2012/09/05)
TS-269 Pro
To power users with high standards we are recommending this unit without doubt.
Platinum Award - NiKK Tech (US) (2012/8/25)
TS-269 Pro
- Excellent Build Quality
- Top Performance (Speed/Temperatures/Power Consumption)
- New IP Camera Support"
Gold Award – Andrews Reviews (UK) (2012/07/30)
TS-269 Pro
If you are looking for a powerful and well-built server to provide your business with the reliability it needs, look no further than the TS-269 Pro.
Editors Choice / Very Fast Awards - (Greece) (2012/07/21)
TS-269 Pro
“In general, in terms of performance, it is fast, stable, and very reliable.”
Great Performance Award - XtremeSystems Fourms (US) (2012/07/16)
TS-269 Pro
“For those seeking a high performance 2-bay NAS that is backed by excellent software then the TS -269 Pro should be your first choice.”