SMB > TS-253A Awards
Editor's Choice and Value for Money - Thelab (Greece) (2016/12/06)
"QNAP TS-253A brings SMB NAS features to SOHO NAS models(household and small studio) with no charge - that means you can use those features for free. I cannot think of a reason not to choose it."
Nice Product & Super Value for Money - (Poland) (2016/11/19)
"QNAP produced a device which offers really great functionality, although it is just a two-bay solution. Vast number of services, functions and innovative apps (like HD Station, Linux Station, virtualization), two HDMI ports and audio ports – those all are unique features which cannot be found in competing products. Very good network performance, easy to set-up and configure QTS system and mobile apps are also worth mentioning. Especially mobile apps – which work great in connection with cloud features and remote access."
Modders-Inc Must Have Award - (USA) (2016/03/16)
"The QNAP TS-253A offers a bunch of advanced options to the user. Right out of the box you can have a media center with advanced features like DLNA, Web Server, SQL Server and even phpMyAdmin.  What I also found handy is the HybridDesk Station and Surveillance Station. The price vs performance vs features in this device is very well balanced. You do get what you pay for!"
PCM2015 Best Performance - PCMarket (HK) (2016/01/12)
"With non-stop innovation, QNAP's NAS products support HDMI TV direct output, virtualization application and versatile features. QNAP TS-253A now even supports karaoke application which makes NAS a major home entertainment device."