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8.8 rating - We Got Served (2015/01/28)
TS-470 Pro
"Small businesses and media enthusiasts will love raw horse power delivered by the QNAP TS-470 Pro, enabling advanced features such as desktop virtualization and high-definition, real-time video transcoding. If you're still running an Intel Atom-based NAS, it's time to upgrade."
Editors Choice Award - speicherguide.de (Germany) (2014/8/22)
TS-470 Pro
"Due to the good performance and high functionality, we give QNAP TS-470 Pro the speicherguide.de Editor's Choice."
Hot Product - APC (Australia) (2014/04/06)
TS-470 Pro
“Awesomely modular, crazy fast and beautifully designed.”
Brand of the year 2013 - PC-WELT (Germany) (2013/7/22)
1st place: Brand of the Year, 2013, Home/SOHO NAS Category
1st place: Brand of the Year, 2013, SMB NAS Category
1st place: Technology-winning, 2013, Home/SOHO NAS Category
1st place: Technology Winner, 2013, SMB NAS Category
TS-470 Pro Review - blog ferbrz (Brazil) (2014/06/05)
TS-470 Pro
“The device is simply wonderful and deserves praise.”
Review of QTS 4.0 - Techstation (Italy) (2013/5/9)
QTS 4.0
‘’QNAP has done a very good job updating the old GUI and greatly increased the use of the Consumer NAS for the users.’’