2017 :: Awards :: NAS :: QNAP

Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2017/09/18)
"Businesses yearning for a big desktop storage repository will love the 16-bay TS-1685. It offers a huge capacity and great 10GbE performance while QNAP's QTS software delivers storage features in abundance."
Top Ten - Simply.Reviews (US) (2017/09/12)
"If you want a 4-bay desktop NAS appliance with every conceivable feature then look no further than QNAP’s TS-453B. It combines great storage capabilities with plenty of multimedia apps, QNAP offers a fine range of PCI-Express upgrade cards and the 8GB model we have on review is good value."
Editors’ Choice - PC World (Poland) (2017/09/08)
"This advanced QNAP NAS charms user with its versatility – it works great as both office solution and home multimedia center. It has impressive set of connections (5 USB 3.0 ports, 2 ethernet ports, USB-TypeC, sd card reader and two HDMI ports). Built-in PCIe connectivity is also a nice feature – as it allows user to install expansion cards. This model has received the Editor's choice award."
Data storage with maximum equipment - Computer Magazine (Czech Republic) (2017/09/01)
“QNAP releases one NAS model after another and same situation is also with their QTS system, where features and applications grow. The new TS-x53B series nevertheless takes a great surprise of innovations.”
Innovation - HEXUS (UK) (2017/08/22)
"For the enthusiast or small business seeking maximum flexibility in a compact form factor, it's hard to imagine a NAS as powerful or versatile as this."
Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2017/08/22)
"The TVS-873 satisfies every storage need an SMB could possibly have. The 64GB model is competitively priced, it delivers good overall performance and QNAP’s QTS software offers a stunning range of storage features."
Gold Award - Harewareinside (Germany) (2017/08/18)
"The comprehensive functions from TS-251+ makes it an indispensable device for data collector, developer and office. You have access to the contents and the functions from anywhere through the Cloud function, e.g.: video streaming or remote camera monitoring. In addition, the possbility of connecting to television makes TS-251+ more ideal and help it to win a gold award from us."
Editor's Choice - PC Revue (Slovakia) (2017/08/16)
"Hardware equipment of the test NAS server is equal to desktop pc in middle class. His heart is dual core processor Intel Core i3-6100, sixth generation with tact 3.7GHz, 8GB operation memory DDR4 SDRAM. NAS server is supplied without disk, but he is conceived so that you can already in first configuration use, as far as possible, lates disk, best SSD."
Recommend 4-star - Datatid Techlife (Denmark) (2017/07/27)
"The quality of TS-231P is clearly reflected in the included software. Here it is extremely easy to put the NAS up to the world's tasks."
Captivating - PCLab.pl (Poland) (2017/07/19)
"We’ve awarded this device our “Captivating” badge – it looks great, offers high performance, lots of use-scenarios, passive cooling… and is very reasonably priced."
Bang for Buck Award - eTeknix (UK) (2017/07/14)
“The QNAP TS-231P is a solid choice for those who want performance on a budget. The performance figures speak for themselves and QTS backs it with functionality.”
Worth Buying - KitGuru (UK) (2017/06/28)
"Already a feature rich NAS, the TS-453B has a trick up its sleeve to add performance and a degree of futureproofing in the shape of a PCIe slot, the first NAS of its class to do so. This PCIe slot can house a 10GbE network, WiFi or USB 3.1 card for better connectivity or for the best of both worlds one of QNAP’s QM2 cards. "
Recommendation - (Germany) (2017/06/27)
"Drawing from the conclusion, TS-453A from QNAP provides an excellent platform to centralize file storage for home users. The user-friendly QTS interface and the feature-rich App Center allow TS-453A to meet the demand of not only home users but also small companies."
Product Review - Hardwareluxx (Germany) (2017/06/12)
"With the support of 10GbE connectivity on TS-1635, it was able to deliver high speed even when there were two clients accessing to NAS simultaneously."
Editor's Choice & Functionality Award - Donanimhaber (Turkey) (2017/06/12)
"The QNAP TS-431P is a NAS that gives the medium-high segment a RAID 5 setup, with a single gigabit port at 100MB / second, which can achieve around 200MB / sec read speed from dual ports, satisfying mid-to-upper segment users. I set up a center where I could safely store video and private data on the one hand, and stream content on the phone, tablet, television, and all through media transfer."
Recommended Award - Simply.Reviews (US) (2017/06/12)
"The TS-653B packs a lot into its compact dimensions and offers a high capacity with plenty of room to expand."
HEXUS APPROVED - HEXUS (UK) (2017/05/25)
"The new model, dubbed the TS-453Bmini, is armed with the hardware clout for AES-NI encryption and 4K video transcoding, making it a sleek and versatile all-rounder for users with high-capacity requirements."
TS-131P Review - CHIP (Germany) (2017/05/23)
"QNAP TS-131P has excellent performance in each category and there was no burning or crash during the test. High performance and multifunctions are the highlight of this NAS. TS-131P is considered to be a successful upgrade to the previous model, with afforadable price."
Gold Award - TECHTEAMG (UK) (2017/05/15)
"Very deserving of the Gold Award - brilliant NAS with an incredible number of features."
Performance - FrazPC.pl (Poland) (2017/05/08)
„WOW! Perhaps we should not be that enthusiastic about this device… but we are. Its performance (even with encrypted workloads) is, in simple words, pretty great. Functionality and expandability are important advantages. Refreshed design is also a plus – now no one will notice that this device next to TV is, in fact, NAS server. It’s almost perfect NAS for small and medium company… almost, because it’s quite expensive. But this purchase is definitely worth considering – especially if you’re planning to build advance NAS environment.”
Test winner - tivi (Finland) (2017/05/04)
"QNAP TS-251A-2G is the best-in-class device for comparison in many different ways."
Top Ten - Simply.Reviews (US) (2017/04/22)
"The quality build, the performance and features top out for any other NAS we have tested before, with the features and specification on offer the price becomes a no brainer as should be the choice to buy one."
Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2017/04/17)
"The TES-1885U is a powerful storage appliance made all the more unusual with its dual OS support - a good choice if you want an appliance with plenty of storage options."
Fotoblogia Recommends - Fotoblogia (Poland) (2017/04/04)
"QNAP TS-231P is a proof that powerful NAS for home or small office applications can be reasonable priced. Two bays provide option of having multiple terabytes of data space (with data mirroring feature). Extensive set of available apps can be used to extend device's possibilities – not only in multimedia, security or cloud areas. TS-231P is equipped with several features known from business-targeted NAS devices, like Docker and LXC, hot-swappable HDDs or two Ethernet ports."
Fotoblogia Recommends - Fotoblogia (Poland) (2017/03/31)
"QNAP TVS-882ST2 NAS is a truly advance and powerful solution, which has much to offer – even for most demanding users. The device is refined and quite compact. It has 8 slots for 2.5” drives – you should definitely use SSDs because with these drives you can achieve really impressive performance and data transfer rates. I can definitely recommend QNAP TVS-882ST2 to anyone, who’s seeking extraordinarily advanced NAS solution."
Best Buy - (Poland) (2017/03/01)
"TS-251A was designed for home users – but it’s advanced specification will surely satisfy multimedia enthusiasts as well. QuickAccess is a nice feature will allows to connect QNAP NAS to PC directly, without the need of using traditional network connection. SD card reader is also a nice addition, but the list of non-typical features also includes in/out minijack port. QNAP guarantees that TS-251A model decodes 4k video in real time – decent hardware specification means good results in performance benchmarks."
5-Star - PC Review (UK) (2017/02/28)
"I can wholeheartedly recommend this NAS to anyone seeking a particular powerful all-in-one solution for their home or small office. We’ve been able to offload so many tasks on to this server, enabling us to downsize hardware to a single device running virtual machines."
Highly Recommended - Geeklingo logo (Australia) (2017/02/26)
"QNAP TVS-473 was a great product. If you are in the market for a NAS with additional features such as 10Gbps or Wireless capabilities (via optional cards), you will want to have this one on your shortlist."
PCAXE Diamond, PCAXE Advanced Design, PCAXE Formula - PC Axe (Serbia) (2017/02/25)
"QNAP TS-231P is a great NAS. This is the first time in PCAXE history that We awarded NAS with 3 awards - "PCAXE Diamond" for overall impression, "PCAXE Advanced Design" for  great futures, and "PCAXE Formula" because of QNAP TS-231P speed performance."
Bjork 3D Golden Bear Award - Bjorn3d.com (US) (2017/02/24)
"The TVS-682 is a very well designed NAS that packs tons of power in a very small footprint. Backed by a powerful processor and plenty of RAM with option to upgrade, the unit has plenty of processing power to deliver top performance."
Recommended Hardware Award - Modders Inc. (US) (2017/02/21)
"Finally there’s a device that breaks away from the standard hard drive model, adds extra features such as a built in network switch, dual 4k HDMI connections but, on the other it shows no 10 gigabit love to take advantage of the SSDs. Aside from total cost (NAS + SSDs), I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the TBS-453A as it performed in our testing flawlessly."
Recommended - Tek.no (Norway) (2017/02/18)
"QNAP TS-451A is undoubtedly one of the most versatile NASs we know about."
Techzine Silver - Techzine (Netherlands) (2017/02/16)
"In brief, this is just a good NAS that delivers value for money."
TS-231P Review - HEXUS (UK) (2017/02/14)
"QNAP's NAS expertise ensure that setup is a doddle, and with the popular QTS operating system the TS-231P is able to offer a rich and versatile feature set that covers many of the NAS essentials."
TVS-871T Review - FStoppers (2017/02/13)
"The TVS-871T is the perfect, all-in-one solution — end of story."
QNAP TS-451A Review - Hardwareluxx (Germany) (2017/02/07)
"As a middle class NAS, QNAP TS-451A has excellent system performance. It is definitely a good value for money in comparison to other NAS products."
Recommended Award - Simply.Reviews (US) (2017/02/02)
"QNAP’s TES-x85U family is quite unique as no other NAS appliances offer the opportunity to play with two different operating systems and at no extra cost. The TES-1885U delivers a powerful hardware package at a good price, performs well over 10GbE and is a good choice for businesses that want a storage platform that stays with them when their demands change."
PC & Tech Authority Recommended - PC & Tech Authority (Australia) (2017/01/30)
"It does everything a server PC can do, with much less OS overhead. An overpowered NAS will change your life, whether you’re trying to operate a small business with a handful of staff, or just manage a massive collection of totally legitimate digital content."
TS-251A Review - TechHive (US) (2017/01/26)
"The TS-251A is a monster media and backup box that can serve your media setup, not just augment it. And with its vast array of other abilities, it’s easily one of the most versatile boxes we’ve tested."
Recommended Award - AVForums (UK) (2017/01/24)
“The QNAP TS-251A combines its duties as a networked attached storage device and a (virtually) fully fledged media player with a good degree of success.”
TS-453A Review - THE STREAMING BLOG (Australia) (2017/01/24)
"The all-new QTS-Linux combo NAS from QNAP offers a set of unique features made for storage seekers, IoT developers, and SOHO users. By giving support to an open-source platform that Linux is embodying, QNAP has made strides to integrate private servers with smart devices and IoT."
Good Product - Benchmark.pl (Poland) (2017/01/23)
"QNAP TS-451A is one of the examples of nearly perfect NAS device. It certainly will be appreciated by users that expect more than just data storage solution. TS-451A is much more than just typical network-attached storage – QTS (4.2.2 or 4.3) OS allows you to use as multimedia center, administration solution (DHCP, DNS, VPN), backup appliance or private cloud."
ES1640dc Review - Storage Review (US) (2017/01/19)
"Overall for the 11k starting point, the QNAP ES1640dc has a lot to offer in the entry-enterprise segment where budgets are tight, but demands for rich featuresets are also high."
TS-451+ Review - THE STREAMING BLOG (Australia) (2017/01/17)
"Intended mainly for small-scale businesses, small offices, and homes, the QNAP TS-451+ is an all-around NAS tower providing users with QTS compatibility, functionality, and raw power."
Recommended - Simply.Reviews (US) (2017/01/12)
"The TVS-1282 has something for everybody as it’s one of the most versatile and feature packed desktop NAS appliances available."
Worth Buying - KitGuru (UK) (2017/01/10)
"Thanks to the wizard-based setup and the graphically rich QTS OS, QNAP’s TS-231P is a pretty powerful, easy to set up and use 2-Bay NAS."
Value - Madshrimps (Belgium) (2017/01/05)
''The TS-531X NAS from QNAP was designed for low power consumption and can be successfully used in both home and SMB environments thanks to its multiple connectivity options. TS-531X does function with the latest QTS 4.2.2 version and is really easy to use.''
Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2017/1/2)
"QNAP’s data protection features make it a great backup repository and its virtualisation apps are unbeatable. It delivers top NAS and IP SAN performance while the new QTS 4.3 software will make a great NAS appliance even better."