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Malware Remover
2.2.1 ( 2017/07/07 ) | Recommended 、 Utilities
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QNAP Systems, Inc.
Maintainer : QNAP Systems, Inc.
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Description :
The Malware Remover is designed to protect your Turbo NAS against harmful software. QNAP strongly recommends that you install this app to avoid potential security risks. During installation, the app will scan your Turbo NAS and quarantine any detected malware. After installation: - If no warning messages appear after installation, your Turbo NAS is not infected. You can verify the scan results by going to “Control Panel”>“System Logs”. - If a warning message appears, malware was detected on your Turbo NAS and it has now been quarantined. You must now immediately reboot the system and change the administrator’s password. If you have any questions regarding the Malware Remover, please contact us at