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  About QNAP
QNAP Systems, Inc., as its brand promise "Quality Network Appliance Provider", aims to deliver comprehensive offerings of cutting edge network attached storage (NAS) and network video recorder (NVR) solutions featured with ease-of-use, robust operation, large storage capacity, and trustworthy reliability. QNAP integrates technologies and designs to bring forth quality products that effectively improve business efficiency on file sharing, virtualization applications, storage management and surveillance in the business environments, as well as enrich entertainment life for home users with the offering of a fun multimedia center experience. Headquartered in Taipei, QNAP delivers its solutions to the global market with nonstop innovation and passion.
  Milestones in QNAP's history
Founded in 2004, QNAP has excelled at hardware design and software engineering, and brought to market numerous remarkable technologies and products ahead in the industry.
  1. QGenie, VS-8148U-RP Pro+ and VSM-4000U-RP received "Taiwan Excellence 2015"
  2. Launched QNAP's first AMD-based NAS series, including the TVS-x63 series and TS-563
  3. TVS-463 received "Excellent Award" from PCMag
  4. TVS-463 received "Best Performance Award" from Tweak Town
  5. Launched TVS-x71 series featuring 4K UHD video playback and transcoding
  6. Launched TS-x31+ series powered by ARM Cortex-A15 dual core CPU with hardware-acceleration encryption and various multimedia applications
  7. Launched business-class quad-core TS-x53U series featuring virtualization, scale-up support and QvPC technology for SMBs
  8. TS-453 Pro honored as "Technical Excellence Winner" from PC Expert
  9. Launched affordable 4-bay rackmount NAS TS-451U featuring QvPC technology, virtualization and video transcoding for small & home offices
  10. Launched budget-friendly compact NAS TS-251C coupled with various multimedia applications for home users
  11. TS-251 received "Best NAS for Home Users" from Wirecutter in the US
  12. Launched QNAP's first vertical NAS TS-453mini featuring tool-less HDD installation, simple RAM upgrade design and QvPC technology
  13. TS-453mini received "Recommended Award" from HEXUS in UK
  14. Launched high-performance, 10GbE-ready TVS-x71U series featuring scalable design, reliability and exclusive QvPC technology
  15. Launched world's first Thunderbolt™ 2 Turbo vNAS TVS-871T featuring DAS/NAS/iSCSI triple storage solution
  16. Launched 12Gps, SAS-enabled, 40GbE-ready TVS-ECx80U-SAS-RP series with Qtier technology for optimal storage efficiency
  17. Released the exclusive full-text search tool Qsirch for quick file search on QNAP NAS
  18. Launched world's first QTS-Android dual system TAS-168/268 featuring 4K HDMI playback
  19. Launched QNAP's first server-class NAS—TDS-16489U equipped with 2 Intel® Xeon® E5 CP, providing powerful data processing capability with Qtier™ support
  20. LaunchedTS-531P powered by Annapurna Labs Alpine AL-314 quad-core CPU featuring 10GbE-readiness and Container Station
  • Launched brand new QTS 4.2 OS operating system empowering business and home life with Snapshots, hybrid virtualization, cloud sync and more
  • Launched New VioStor NVR Firmware QVR 5.1 featuring Qdewarp, virtual camera, region-of-interest and more
  1. QNAP Silent NAS Series won iF Product Design Award 2014
  2. QNAP TS-469 Pro featured in PCWorld's 50 Best Tech Products of 2013
  3. QNAP dedicates itself to data security, and in 2014 received ISO 27001:2013 certification in information security management
    ISO 27001
  4. QNAP received "Most Innovative Vendor" in 2014 Italian Channel Awards
  5. HS-251 and QGenie received"2014 Innovative Products" from Taipei Computer Association
  6. HS-210 and TVS-870 received "COMPUTEX Best Choice Award 2014"
  7. QNAP Silent NAS series received "COMPUTEX d&I Awards 2014"
  8. Launched the rugged and fanless NAS IS-400 Pro for industrial and surveillance applications
  9. Launched high-performance &scalableTS-ECx80U-RP series with 10GbE-readiness and SSD caching for resource-demanding applications
  10. Launched TS-ECx80 Pro series with new tower SAS-enabled scalability solution
  11. Launched new silent & fanless NAS HS-251 with HDMI-out for the best audio experience
  12. Launched QNAP's first mobile NAS – 7-in-one QGenie for file storage, power bank, Internet sharing and more
  13. Launched Intel® Celeron® based TS-x53 Pro series featuring exclusive QvPC technology and rich business applications for SMBs
  14. TS-653 Pro received "Best Features Award" from Tweak Town in the US
  15. Launched economical TS-x31 home NAS series for personal cloud and versatile multimedia experience
  16. Launched TVS-ECx80+ Edge Cloud Turbo vNAS featuring QvPC technology, virtualization solution, cloud back and Q'center
  17. TS-251 received "Editor's Choice Award" from PCMag in the US
  18. TS-251 honored as "2014 Product of the Year" from IT Professional in Poland
  19. TS-231 received "Recommended Award" from 59 Hardware in France
  • Signage Station for the Turbo NAS released, benefiting small businesses and promoting personal profiles
  • Launched the revolutionary app-driven QTS 4.1 Turbo NAS system
  • Launched brand-new VioStore NVR firmware 5.0 featuring intelligent desktop with multi-window design
  1. Launched HS-210 Silent NAS with fanless design for home and multimedia applications
  2. Launched TS-x70 tower series with Intel® 2.6GHz Dual Core CPU, and scalability via QNAP RAID expansion enclosures
  3. Launched five SAS-enabled rackmount Turbo NAS models, including 2.5”HDD high-density Turbo NAS, delivering breakthrough performance
  4. Launched Turbo NAS TS-x20 and x21 series featuring QTS 4.0.
  5. Launched 4-drive rackmount Turbo NAS TS-421U and TS-420U for workgroups and entry-level SMBs.
  6. Launched SMB Turbo NAS TS-1269U-RP with Intel® Atom™ Dual Core CPU.
  7. Launched Turbo NAS TS-x69L series with Intel® Atom™ Dual Core CPU, supporting HDMI and the HD Station
  8. Launched high-end SMB Turbo NAS TS-1270U-RP and TS-870U-RP with Intel® Dual Core CPU and 10GbE LAN port.
  • Launched brand new QTS 4.0 Turbo NAS system.
  • Supported VMware VAAI and vSphere Client Plug-in, and compatible with Windows Server 2012 for Turbo NAS TS-x79, x70 and x69 series.
Launched 3U rackmount Turbo NAS TS-x79 series with Intel® Xeon® Quad Core CPU, Intel® Core® i3 Dual Core CPU, 10GbE LAN port, and 16 drive supports.
Launched high-end SMB Turbo NAS TS-x79 series with Intel® Xeon® Quad Core CPU, Intel® Core® i3 Dual Core CPU, and 10GbE LAN port.
  • Launched RTRR (Real-time Remote Replication) NAS data backup support.
Business level Turbo NAS TS-x59 series passed VMware® Ready™ and Citrix® Ready™ verification.
  • Launched MyCloudNAS service.
Launched high performance Turbo NAS TS-x39 series with Intel® Atom™ CPU and TS-809 series with Intel® Core™ 2 Duo CPU.
  • Supported virtualization integration services with iSCSI support.
  • Supported third-party cloud backup for enhanced NAS data security.
Launched four-drive Turbo NAS model TS-409, ahead in the industry to offer RAID level migration and capacity expansion, the five-drive Turbo NAS model TS-509 Pro with LCM display.
  • Introduced the integrated Log System and Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T.).
Launched two-drive Turbo NAS model TS-201, ahead in the industry to offer hot-swappable drive carriers.
Launched Turbo NAS TS-101, which is the first NAS with SATA interface in the world, and exclusively provides Q-RAID1 configuration for single drive model for data protection.
  • Integrated Multimedia Station and Download Station, taking the lead in multifunctional NAS.