What is QTS? :: NAS :: QNAP

QTS 4.0 Turbo NAS Operating System
Simple, Secure, Scalable & Reliable
Based on Linux, QTS 4 is designed to deliver high-performance applications and services fulfilling your needs in file sharing, storage management, backup, virtual environments, multimedia, surveillance and more.
System kernel
Service layer
Application layer
Mobile apps
The intuitive, multi-window and multi-tasking QTS 4 GUI make it incredibly easy to manage your Turbo NAS, share files across different platforms, facilitate user account management, conduct virtualization applications, utilize its rich home applications, enjoy multimedia collections with more fun, and install a rich set of applications in the App Center on demand to expand your Turbo NAS experience.

Intuitive, zero learning

QTS 4’s innovative desktop requires virtually no learning process. You will be amazed by the modern and stylish desktop. It features an intuitive and easy-to-follow layout, simplifying the whole Turbo NAS experience and appealing to your sense of style at the same time.
Intuitive, zero learning

Multi-window, multi-tasking

QTS 4 enables you to open multiple application windows and run multiple tasks concurrently. There is no need to wait for one task to finish before starting another. The applications can be minimized onto the Toolbar, enabling you to see an overview of all the ‘open’ applications allowing you to quickly switch between them. Take File Station for example, you can open two File Station windows to drag and drop files between the windows to increase file operation efficiency.
Multi-window, multi-tasking

Intelligent desktop

Powerful Business Applications

The QTS 4 includes business applications with many features, including file sharing, iSCSI and virtualization, backup, privilege settings, and so on, effectively increasing business efficiency.
  • BackupStation
    Storage Manager
  • Storage Manager
    Shared Folders
  • Domain Security
    File Station
  • FTP
    Backup Station
  • Win/Mac/NFS
  • LDAP Server
    Domain Security
  • Security
    System Logs
  • VPNService
    App Center
  • File Station
  • Qsync

Home Entertainment Center

Coupled with various utilities and smart mobile apps, QTS 4 is the ultimate platform for building a personal or private cloud, synchronizing data and sharing files.
  • Photo Station
    Photo Station
  • Music Station
    Music Station
  • Video Station
    Video Station
  • QAirplay
  • Download Station
    Download Station
  • DJ Station
    DJ Station
  • Surveillance Station Pro
    Surveillance Station Pro
  • HappyGet
  • File Station
    File Station
  • DLNA