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Importing a free Microsoft® Windows virtual machine for testing Edge and IE in Virtualization Station

Microsoft® provides a free Windows virtual machine (VM) to allow customers to test their web browsers, which include Edge and Internet Explorer versions 8 to 11. This VM can be used unrestricted for 90 days. To try this VM on your QNAP NAS:

  1. Go to the webpage https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-edge/tools/vms/
  2. In the “Virtual machine” drop-down list, choose the Windows and browser versions that you want to test. Then select “VirtualBox” from the “Select platform” drop-down list. Finally, click “Download .zip” and download the ZIP file to your computer or NAS.
  3. After the download has finished, unzip the downloaded file and check if there is a .OVA file, for example: “MSEdge – Win10_preview.ova”. The actual file name will depend on which browser and Windows version you chose in the “Virtual machine” drop-down list.
  4. Launch Virtualization Station and click “Import VM”.
    1. If you saved the .OVA file to your local computer, choose “PC” in the “Import from” drop-down list.
    2. If you saved .OVA file on your NAS, choose “NAS” in the “Import from” drop-down list.
    3. Click the folder icon next to the “VM Files” field, and browse to the .OVA file. Then click “Next”.

  5. Configure the VM’s computing resources, including the number of CPU cores, the amount of system memory and the destination for the VM’s storage on your NAS. Then click “Import”.
  6. The VM will be imported and processed as a background task. When the task has finished, the VM will appear under “Virtualization Station 3 > Overview”.
  7. Click “Start” to boot up the VM.
  8. Click “Console”. The Windows® VM is now ready to use.


  • The free Microsoft Windows VM is only valid for 90 days, after which it will stop working. We suggest taking a snapshot when you first import the VM, which you can then revert to later.
  • The download link is subject to change, depending on Microsoft® policy.
Release date: 2017-01-04
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