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How to use Android devices to view and share photos & videos from a QNAP NAS (Qphoto Tutorial) ?

With Qphoto, you can recollect your special moments on the go. Photos are displayed with a timeline view. You can save photos directly to your device, upload photos on your device (or take photos directly) to a QNAP NAS, and share photos by email or social media.


Before using Qphoto

Minimum Requirements:

  1. A QNAP NAS running QTS 4.1 (or later) with Photo Station installed. A NAS account with access rights to Photo Station must be present.
  2. An Android device (version 4.0 or later.)
    *If you want to access your NAS remotely, you must first set up myQNAPcloud or CloudLink. Please refer to this tutorial.


Install Qphoto

  1. Download and install Qphoto from Google Play.


Create the connection between Qphoto and the NAS

Photo Station and UPnP Discovery must be enabled before using Qphoto.

  1. Go to “Control Panel” > “Applications” > “Station Manager” > “Photo Station” to enable Photo Station.
  2. Go to “Control Panel” > “Network Services” > “Service Discovery” to enable the UPnP Discovery Service.
  3. Open Qphoto on your device. Select “Add NAS” and it will find every available QNAP NAS on the LAN. Choose a NAS from the list and enter its username and password to log in. You can also use “Manual Add“ if the NAS does not appear on the list.

    After finishing these settings you can browse the photos and videos stored on the NAS.

    To edit connection information, delete the device, or select the connection methods, press and hold the name of the NAS and a menu will appear.

Manage and browse photos and videos

After connecting to the NAS, you can browse photos and videos stored on it. Click and you will be able to upload photos or videos, select different view modes, multi-select files, and refresh the list.

Qphoto has multiple view modes for displaying your photos and videos.

  • Timeline View: To show photos based on when they were taken, click to select a specific year/month.
  • Thumbnail View: This displays photos with thumbnails, and you can sort files by clicking > “Sort”.
  • List Mode: This lists photos allowing you to view their information (color label, rating, etc). Click to perform more actions. You can share files, add them to a sharing list, copy them to an album, download them, delete them, and also check their details.
  • Folder View: Displays the folder structure. You can sort them by clicking > “Sort”.

    Select on the header to filter file types.

  • “Photo”: only show photos
  • “Video”: only show videos
  • “Both”: show both photos and videos

You can easily browse photos and videos in different categories. Select to open the left panel:

Icon Item Description
Shared Photos Show the shared photos of every NAS user.
Private Collection Show the photos and videos stored in your own home folder.
Qsync Show the photos and videos stored in the Qsync folder.
Album Browse and create albums on Photo Station.
Smart Album Browse Smart Albums created on Photo Station.
Recently Import Show photos and videos imported within the last month.
Recently Taken Show photos and videos taken within the last month.
Trash Can Check deleted photos/videos.
Logout Logout of Qphoto.
Background Task Check the upload/download status.
Download Folder Show contents in the download folder.
Settings Modify Qphoto's settings.


Search for photos and videos on the NAS

Select on the header to search for items. You can search them by title, photo taken date, tag, rating, and color label.

Share photos and videos

Select multiple files and click “Share”, or click > “Share now” after entering the multimedia player to share photos by email or via social networks. To share by a specific social network, you must install its respective App.

Browse photos with the built-in multimedia player

Qphoto has an integrated multimedia player to show photos and videos. Select a photo or video to enter the multimedia player.

Click for more actions:

  • Share now: Directly share the photo.
  • Share by email attachment: Send the photo as an email attachment.
  • Save to photo gallery: Download the photo to the device gallery.
  • Save to download folder: Download the photo to the Qphoto download folder for offline browsing.
  • Map Mode: See where photos were taken based on their GPS information.
  • Detail: View more detailed information about the photo.

Enjoy photo galleries through a slideshow

On the multimedia player, click the “Play” button to play a photo slideshow with background music.

To play background music with the slideshow, go to “Settings” > “Slideshow Settings” to enable the function and to edit the playlist.

When you leave the multimedia player, you can still see the mini-player at the bottom of the page. You can select it to switch back to the multimedia player.

Release date: 2015-09-23
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