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How to monitor your QNAP NAS behind a NAT Router with Connect to Q’center?

1. Challenges and Solutions

In the newest version of Q’center, we provide a solution that allows a QNAP NAS to actively join a Q’center server. This solution allows business to easily monitor their NAS behind NAT Routers in either a local network or internet environment, therefore enhancing the monitoring structure.

2. How to Start

2.1. System requirement

To monitor a QNAP NAS, the NAS must be updated to QTS 4.1.0 or later version. Please update the firmware version before adds the NAS to Q’center.

2.2. Set up a register code in Q’center

Open Q’center in your QNAP NAS or other platform, go to “Settings”, select the Admin or Power User account, and input the register code for authentication.

In the “Settings”, select the Admin or Power User account, and input the "Register Code" for authentication.

2.3. Install Connect to Q’center

To allow your NAS to join a Q’center server, you need to download the Connect to Q’center from either the QNAP website or from the QTS App Center. To do so, go to the QNAP App center download page and select your NAS model or directly open the “App Center” in your NAS to download and install the Q’center Assistant. When completed, check that Q’center Assistant is installed in your “App Center”.

Download Connect to Q’center directly at https://www.qnap.com/app_center/ or install it from the App Center.

After installed, check that the Connect to Q’center is displayed in the “My Apps” section of the App Center.

3. Use Connect to Q’center

3.1. Connect the NAS to Q’center with Connect to Q’center

Once installed, open the Connect to Q’center in the “App Center” by clicking “Open”.

Open the Connect to Q’center by pressing the “Open” button

Now you can input the Host name or IP address to directly connect your NAS to Q’center. In Port, input the System port number of your Q’center server. Finally, input the register code you just set in the Q’center. After all of the required values are filled, click “Install” to connect the NAS to Q’center and download the Q’center Agent according to your NAS model.

*If you need to connect a local NAS to Q’center server via the Internet, please ensure that your Q’center server can be reached from the local network correctly with WAN IP, Host name or myQNAPcloud address correctly.

Input all of the required values to connect your NAS to Q’center and install Q’center Agent. Please ensure you can access the Q’center server from the network where your NAS is located.

If your Q’center is installed on a QNAP NAS, you can enable “myQNAPcloud” service and “UPnP Port Forwarding” for NAS web service so that other NAS can reach the Q’center servers using myQNAPcloud address.

After completed, you will now see that Q’center Agent is installed. Click “Launch Q’center Agent” to import the Q’center IP settings to Q’center Agent and start the connection between the NAS and Q’center. After connected, in Q’center Agent you can see which Q’center server your NAS is connected to, modify the connection to change the Q’center server and download connection log. Q’center Agent will automatically and continually send system information to the selected Q’center server, and in Q’center server you will see that a new NAS with a different IP address has been added to the manage list.

After completion, you will now see that Q’center Agent is installed on your NAS and you can launch it directly from Connect to Q’center.
Launch Q’center Agent from the Connect to Q’center and connect to the Q’center server.

A new NAS with a subnet IP address has been added to the manage list, and you can now use Q’center to monitor a NAS that is behind a NAT router.

In the network structure of the above example, the NAS behind a NAT Router with the subnet LAN IP address can also be monitored by Q’center Server.
Release date: 2015-09-04
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