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How to install and register Netflix using a TAS-168/268?

Launch Google Play and search for “Netflix.”

Choose “Install” and “Accept” after confirming the permission requirements to install Netflix on TAS-168/268.

Click on the Netflix icon to launch it.

When you first use Netflix it may take longer to start. If you already have a Netflix account you can
sign in using the link in the top-right corner.

If you do not have a Netflix account and want to register, you can select “Start Your Free Month”. Registering for this trial will require payment information (credit card or PayPal). Your personal information provided here will be sent to Netflix - QNAP does not record any information and cannot assist in issues relating to Netflix. Please contact Netflix directly for further information at https://help.netflix.com/

Choose a desired plan for your subscription and scroll down to “Continue”.

Enter your Email address as the account name and enter your desired password.

After every field has been entered, select “Register”.

Although your PayPal account or credit card will not be charge by Netflix during the trial period, it is still necessary to enter payment information. If you do not unsubscribe before the trial period ends, Netflix will automatically charge you for subscription fees.

Your details will be summarized for you to review your account information. Select “Start Membership” if your details are correct.

Choose what device will be used to watch Netflix.

Remember to check “Phone or Tablet” when watching Netflix on a TAS-168/268.

Enter the nickname for the user who will watch Netflix. This nickname is not password-protected by default. The nickname will be used to remember preferences of videos and to make recommendations.

After this, Netflix will be set up and ready to be used on your TAS-168/268!

Click "Settings" in the top-right corner to modify Audio and Subtitle settings when watching videos.


  1. Video quality is determined by Netflix and cannot be manually adjusted.
  2. Netflix on Android only supports Stereo audio.
  3. You can contact Netflix from https://help.netflix.com/ for questions related with Netflix.
Release date: 2016-01-20
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