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How to access a Remote Desktop using IPMI KVM in QRM+

QRM+ provides multiple methods for using remote desktop functionality to access different devices:

  1. Windows devices: RDP or VNC remote desktop
  2. Linux devices: VNC remote desktop or SSH connection (an SSH client program is not required)
  3. PMI devices: KVM over IP remote computer management program

Note: The remote device must enable the option to allow users to connect to the computer

Follow these steps to access a remote desktop using KVM over IP in QRM+:
Step 1: Open a device in QRM+ and click "Tools".
Step 2: Select "Remote Desktop" > "IPMI KVM".

Step 3: The browser will open a new page. If the connection is successful, the remote desktop will be displayed. If the connection fails, an error message will be displayed and the user can try to reconnect.

Step 4: Press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT in the new browser tab to open the on-screen keyboard.

Note: IPMI KVM currently only supports Supermicro and IEI Technology Inc. models

Release date: 2017-12-20
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