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Why is the previously used storage space still unavailable even after deleting a shared folder?

When deleting a shared folder, the system only removes the shared folder path. The data is retained unless the user chooses to delete them. This is to prevent the accidental deletion of critical files.

This explains why you might find that files from deleted shared folders still exist on the NAS when using services such as snapshot or when accessing the NAS using a command line interface.

To completely remove a shared folder and its contents, perform the following steps:

  1. Log on to QTS as administrator.
  2. Go to "Control Panel" > “Privilege” > "Shared Folders".
  3. Click “Create” and then select “Shared Folder”.
    The “Create a Shared Folder” screen appears.
  4. Specify the folder name.
  5. Under Path, select “Enter path manually” and then select the deleted shared folder.
  6. Click “Create”.
    The shared folder is added.
  7. From the Shared Folders list, select the newly created folder and then click “Remove”.
    A confirmation message appears.
  8. Select “Also delete the data” and then click “Yes”.

    The shared folder and its contents are deleted from the NAS.
Release date: 2017-07-20
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