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Why do the messages “Agent has problem” and “Collect system log has problem” show. Or why is a QNAP NAS reported as offline when it is online?

Applied Models:


When this message appears:

  1. Your network environment contains a firewall that is blocking the ports 6600, 6606, 6621 and 6623.
  2. The Q'center IP changed and has not been auto recovered.
  3. The Agent IP changed and has not been auto recovered.
  4. The Q'center and Agent IP both changed at same time.
  5. The QNAP NAS is not working normally and has caused Agent to become unstable.
  6. The QNAP NAS is under heavy CPU load (> 90%) or has 100% network bandwidth usage. This means Q'center Agent cannot send or receive data normally.

To solve these problems:

  1. Configure your firewall settings.
  2. Go to the managed QNAP NAS, open Agent and manually reassign the Q'center IP.
  3. Go to the managed QNAP NAS, disable and then re-enable the Agent.
  4. Ensure the QNAP NAS is working normally, remove the QNAP NAS from Q'center, manually remove Q'center Agent from the QNAP NAS and re-add the QNAP NAS again to reinstall the Q'center Agent. (Please note that the history records of the QNAP NAS will not be retained).
  5. Reduce the average CPU load on the NAS, and establish a dedicated monitoring network for Q'center.
Release date: 2016-02-03
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