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What is the difference between Qsync and Qfile for Android?

Qsync for Android and Qfile for Android are both apps that enable you to browse files on your NAS from a mobile device. However, Qsync connects with Qsync Central on the NAS for additional functionality. The following features are only available in Qsync for Android:

  • Offline files
  • Syncing a mobile folder to the NAS
  • Managing team folders
  • Automatic syncing when charging and using Wi-Fi

Offline files

Important files that need to be accessed at anytime can be set as offline files. Offline files are stored locally on the mobile device, and can be accessed without an internet connection or a direct connection to the NAS.

You can edit offline files, then when you next have a network connection press “Refresh” and the modified files will be automatically uploaded to the NAS.

To use offline files, connect to a NAS with the Qsync app, and browse a folder:

Tap next to a file, and then tap “Offline”:

The file is now accessible with no network connection:

Tap and then tap “Offline” again to disable the offline setting:

Syncing a mobile folder to the NAS

A mobile folder can be automatically synchronized with the NAS and PC clients, to back up important files on your mobile device.
To set up mobile folder sync, go to “Qsync for Android” > “Settings” > “Folder Sync”, and tap “Set up now”:

Select a local mobile folder to backup:

Select a NAS to upload the files to:

You can now see the files from the mobile folder using Qsync Client in Windows, or File Station in QTS:

Managing team folders

With team folders, you can share a subfolder within the Qsync folder with colleagues, for easy and effective collaboration.

The Qsync mobile app enables you to create, share and modify team folders, with all the same functionality as Qsync Client, the PC client.

In the Qsync folder, tap for the folder you want to share:

Tap “Share this folder as team folder”:

Finally, select the NAS users to share the folder with:

Tap “Manage team folders” on the Qsync app main menu to see all of your Team folders. There are two types of team folders. ”Shared to others” are team folders created by you. “Shared with me” are team folders created by someone else and shared with you.
You can swipe to choose to edit a team folder’s user list, stop sharing a team folder, and accept or refuse a team folder share request.

Automatic syncing when charging and using Wi-Fi

When using offline files or mobile folder sync, the mobile device can automatically synchronize files with the NAS at regular intervals. To preserve battery life and bandwidth, this feature is only activated when the mobile device is charging and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Release date: 2017-05-15
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