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Worth Buying - KitGuru (UK) (2016/12/30)
"The QNAP TVS-473 is a powerful NAS for either home or small business and with its PCI-e slots and M.2 SSD support it also offers a good degree of future proofing in both storage and connectivity functions."
Editor's Choice and Value for Money - Thelab (Greece) (2016/12/06)
"QNAP TS-253A brings SMB NAS features to SOHO NAS models(household and small studio) with no charge - that means you can use those features for free. I cannot think of a reason not to choose it."
Highly Recommended - GeekLingo (Australia) (2016/12/03)
"If you are looking for a new NAS and have SFP+ support on your current switch/router, the QNAP TS-531X is definitely one to consider."
Product of the year 2016 - IT Professional (Poland) (2016/12/01)
"IT Professional announced results of plebiscite for best IT products of year 2016. The winners were chosen by voting - QNAP TS-EC1680U-RP received the most votes from the readers and was awarded prestigious “IT Professional’s readers Product of the year” title. It has been recognized for capacity, performance and feature-rich."
Product of the year 2016 - IT Administracji (Poland) (2016/12/01)
"QNAP TDS-16489U received prestigious “Product of the Year 2016” title, awarded by IT w Administracji (renowned IT magazine, aimed for IT managers from public sector). The winner was chosen by readers and editors votes – QNAP’s product was appreciated for its exceptional performance, versatility and reliability."
Best Buy - Ghidul DSLR (Romania) (2016/11/23)
"QNAP TS-451A is a strong performer with a great price tag, that is easy and intuitive to use. The QTS operating system is a greatly improved operating system versus other market solutions. The tons of applications and features of the QTS 4.3 makes this NAS a powerhouse that is hard to question on all fronts. We recommend it to photographers and videographers that need raw hardware power and easy to use interface. For them the SDXC card reader and the direct usb 3.0 connection to a personal computer will be a must have option."
TS-251A review - TechRadar (UK) (2016/11/22)
"We’ve had a play around with the QNAP TS-251A and we've been very impressed with it. Not only is it powerful and packed full of features, it’s also easy to use."
5 Stars Product - Computer Hoy (Spain) (2016/11/21)
"The QNAP TS-251A has been awarded the maximum possible score in a review published by one of Spain’s leading consumer tech magazine, Computer Hoy. The article gives the TS-251A a five star rating for Hardware, Connectivity and Software. Apps respectively, which in turn gives it top marks all round according to the reviewer."
Nice Product & Super Value for Money - Benchmark.pl (Poland) (2016/11/19)
"QNAP produced a device which offers really great functionality, although it is just a two-bay solution. Vast number of services, functions and innovative apps (like HD Station, Linux Station, virtualization), two HDMI ports and audio ports – those all are unique features which cannot be found in competing products. Very good network performance, easy to set-up and configure QTS system and mobile apps are also worth mentioning. Especially mobile apps – which work great in connection with cloud features and remote access."
TS-853A Review - TECHSPOT (Australia) (2016/11/15)
"QNAP's TS-853A is without question the most capable and complete NAS server we've come across and currently stands as today's best value high-end eight-bay desktop NAS."
Highly Recommended - HARDWAREBG.COM (Bulgaria) (2016/11/10)
"QNAP HS-251+ is a NAS model with quite complementary and useful features, strongly recommended for home users."
Best Home User NAS - TECHSPOT (Australia) (2016/11/09)
"We happen to test more NAS devices that we end up formally reviewing and without question right now the best NAS server for home users and small businesses is the QNAP TS-451A."
Mainstream - Madshrimps (Belgium) (2016/11/03)
''The TS-451A Dual-Core NAS with QuickAccess packs enough performance for home users and is also able to perform in SOHO environments. The product also introduces the QuickAccess USB port novelty, which allows us to operate the server as it would have been connected on the local network of the current PC, but physically connected via a regular USB 3.0 cable; this type of connection does also require a set of drivers to be installed from the QNAP website but it works flawlessly in the end.''
IT-Awards: Storage Insider 2016-Readers' Choice Award - Storage Insider (Germany) (2016/10/24)
"More than 36,000 insider readers voted the IT company of the year. QNAP wins in the category NAS Platinum / Rank 1."
Gold and Recommended - Moda a Foca (Portugal) (2016/10/15)
"This NAS model has an excellent quality of construction, in the various test scenarios had a good performance, well equipped not only at the level of software and hardware but also at peripherals level. However, I consider the value high, taking into account the models presented by the competition."
Test winner - CHIP (Czech Republic) (2016/10/01)
"Valuable device for very demanding or professional users who require maximum performance and a broad range of features. Besides it is also well equipped for home entertainment."
Worth Buying - KitGuru (UK) (2016/09/30)
"QNAP’s TS-451A is a very capable NAS equally at home as the central hub of a home entertainment setup or as the backbone of a small office’s file system."
Editor's Choice - iCreate (France) (2016/09/28)
"Tailor-made for professional photographers, video makers and film editors."
The Editor's Choice award and the Value for Money award - Thelab (Greece) (2016/09/27)
"The performance of TS-251A/2G is as good as what we learn from the product page, and TS-251A provides users great feasibilities."
Innovation Award - eTeknix (UK) (2016/09/23)
“The TS-251A is a true all-around wonder that can serve as your personal cloud, media center, backup target, and so much more.”
TS-451A Review - THE STREAMING BLOG (Australia) (2016/09/22)
"The NAS packs a serious punch in terms of hardware and the QTS software is fantastic. There is no reason that the QNAP TS-451A should not find a place within your home entertainment setup… go buy one."
Highly Recommended - GeekLingo (Australia) (2016/09/19)
"The consumer NAS market is fairly crowded with multiple products from multiple vendors fighting for supremacy. As a result, QNAP have continuously differentiated themselves from others through innovation and providing value-add functionality such as various QNAP applications including Virtualization Station and Ocean KTV. Likewise, the brand continues to satisfy the base consumer needs of data backup, media sharing and print sharing."
PC & Tech Authority Recommended - PC & Tech Authority (Australia) (2016/09/12)
"It’s the perfect unit for a very busy office or home environment where five or more PCs are accessing the unit at once."
Innovative Technoclogy Award - Benchmark  (Serbia) (2016/09/07)
"We believe that QNAP TS-453A deserves a very high recommendation from our side. Innovative Technology Award is valuable, and this time we are faced with a product that really worth it."
Innovation - HEXUS (UK) (2016/09/07)
"Building on an already comprehensive feature set, the addition of QuickAccess gives users direct access to data via USB 3.0."
Best on Test - MacFormat (UK) (2016/08/15)
"If you want an all-singing, all-dancing model that can run multiple services while streaming media, QNAP's TS-251+ comes out on top."
High-End Award - Madshrimps (Belgium) (2016/07/28)
"The TVS-882 High-Performance 8-bay NAS from QNAP delivers very good performances all across the board, beginning with transfer speeds throughout the network and ending with virtual machines which can be run in much better conditions than what we have seen with previous offerings."
Extreme Performance Award - eTeknix (UK) (2016/07/26)
"QNAP’s TS-453A is as powerful as it is unique. Whether you want to use it at home, office, or even a bar as karaoke center, it does the job and it does it great!"
Innovation - Hexus (UK) (2016/07/14)
"Relatively small, light and easily transportable, the TBS-453A targets a very particular customer seeking high-end NAS functionality to go."
Worth Buying - KitGuru (UK) (2016/07/06)
"The QNAP TAS-268 is a peculiar NAS that answers a question that we had not previously considered. If you use Android media devices and want a load more storage then Bingo, you have a result, TAS-268 is two devices in one and you can install Terabytes of storage with ease."
Best Buy - HKEPC (HK) (2016/06/22)
"QNAP TS-228 is an optimal solution for entry-level NAS users. TS-228 is a lightweight, easy to use and feature-rich networked storage center with RAID management function. Supporting Windows, Linux and Mac platform, the TS-228 enhances file backup, data synchronization and remote access simultaneously, not to say the 100MB/s transfer speed. More importantly, it’s a budget-friendly NAS model for home users."
Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2016/06/20)
"The TDS-16489U appliances offer SMBs a powerful virtualization solution that’s easy to deploy and manage. There are no hidden costs as the Virtualization and Container Station apps are included as standard and you don’t have to factor in any per-core licenses."
Recommended - PC Pro (UK) (2016/06/15)
"A NAS drive for enthusiasts, with comprehensive features, bags of speed and generous storage capacity."
TDS-16489U Review - Simply Reviews - (USA) (2016/06/15)
"As a complete virtualization platform and application server, the TDS-16489U Double Server has a lot to offer as it’s more cost-effective than classic solutions that require separate hypervisor hosts and storage arrays. With dual E5-2600 v3 Xeons under the hood, it also has plenty of power on tap – our three test VMs barely woke them up."
RedesZone recommended product - Redes Zone (Spain) (2016/06/12)
"This is a NAS more than recommended for those who want a high performance NAS fully capable of both serving as a storage server and many other purposes. If we consider the features available of this model, along with the performance achieved during testing, the final assessment of Redes Zone is 10/10."
Platinum Recommended Product Recommended - ProfesionalReview.com (Spain) (2016/06/06)
"The QNAP HS-251+ is a device with a fantastic design, appearance and performance…..It’s not cheap but it’s a device that does two functions. NAS and multimedia centre….A 100% recommended purchase."
Best of the Best 2015 - PC Magazine/Russian Edition (Russia) (2016/06/01)
"PC Magazine Russian Edition - Best of the Best 2015"
TS-451+ Review - Neowin (USA) (2016/06/01)
"There's a lot to like about the QNAP TS-451+. If you want a no-frills storage box, this device can do that, but you'd be missing out on all of the extra connectivity options you have such as cloud access, streaming music to your desktop, mobile device, or Chromecast, and being able to directly attach and view media on your television."
Best Buy - PC World (Poland) (2016/06/01)
"The heart of the server is a quad-core AMD CPU with a 2 GHz clock. It is a very non-standard unit, because most business servers are equipped with CPUs from Intel. However, in terms of performance, AMD turns out to be just as good a choice. What’s important, it has a fast graphics circuit, and architecture more optimized for multimedia."
Quality - Komputer Świat (Poland) (2016/06/01)
"QNAP TS-251+ as a product of the company specializing in the NAS shows that it can be much better. With high speed, good equipment, a lot of security features and a wide selection of applications, it wins the Quality award."
Highly Recommended - GeekLingo (Australia) (2016/05/28)
"Positioned as the centerpiece of your digital experience, it’s a NAS that has evolved to provide gigabit switching with dual OS capabilities that enable it to function extremely well as a media center. Even if you don’t want to use the Linux capabilities of this NAS, the QNAP supplied media applications should be more than sufficient for even the demanding of media users. The form factor, ease of installation and use places this in the highly recommended category."
Technical Excellence - Winner - PC Expert (France) (2016/05/19)
"It's not easy to innovate on the Enterprise NAS market ! Functionally Speaking, all of them look similar. But in terms of innovation, QNAP manages to leap ahead of its competitors by offering creative and fresh ideas."
2016 Customers' Choice Performance - OMPETEC 2016 - Best in Show Award (Switerzland) (2016/05/11)
"A Compact, powerful NAS system with direct TV connection and 4K transcoding"
Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2016/05/11)
"QNAP’s QTS software delivers plenty of data protection features and performance using Seagate’s new 8TB NAS drives is exemplary. The Linux Station could prove useful for developers and there are plenty of other virtualization features as well. With a price tag of under £600 for a diskless model, it’s a very good value NAS."
Must Have Award - LEGION HARDWARE (Australia) (2016/05/10)
"A very nice product from QNAP that changes the NAS game. TBS-453A looks nothing like a traditional desktop NAS and despite being extremely powerful, it is small enough to fit in a bag. This is why QNAP refers to it as a NASbook and like an Ultrabook you can take it with you wherever you go. We have no doubt that many businesses will find the size, silent operation, and weight of the TBS-453A invaluable."
Recommended - (Hungary) (2016/05/06)
"Overall QNAP TS-228 is a pleasant surprise. A great advantage of TS-228 is the software, which is almost perfect, and also the speed. We clearly give the "Recommended" award to the TS-228, and we suggest users to consider it while choosing a NAS for home."
Recommended - Exame Informática (Portugal) (2016/05/01)
"If you have basic networking concepts and want a reliable and functional storage system for your home, the TAS-268 is the answer you were looking for."
Highly Recommended - Geeklingo (Australia) (2016/04/28)
"We’ve reviewed a number of NAS devices that are targeted for the small to medium enterprise and the QNAP TS-563 has clearly been the best that we have reviewed so far. The benefits and convenience of Virtualization Station alone is enough to separate the QNAP range from their competitors but the added advantage of the AMD SoC used, 10GbE upgradability and support for a total of 16GB memory sets the TS-563 miles ahead."
Editor's Choice - HKEPC (HK) (2016/04/20)
"For SOHO and home users, TS-251+ provides high-performance hardware and complete QTS features. With Intel® quad-core CPU, expandable RAM (up to 8GB) and built-in HD Graphics, TS-251+ enables hardware accelerated transcoding and video display through streaming or via HDMI. Moreover, the intelligent QTS 4.2 operating system provides professional functions, including Virtualization Station, Linux Station, the newly released Hybrid Backup Sync, and so on."
PC & Tech Authority Recommended - PC & Tech Authority (Australia) (2016/04/13)
"When it comes to sheer performance and extra hardware features, the QNAP leads by a long way."
Golden Award - ProfesionalReview.com (Spain) (2016/04/06)
"QNAP has once again shown us that the QNAP TS-453A is one of the best devices we have tested so far this year."
Top Ten Award - Simply.Reviews (US) (2016/03/29)
"The TS-853A delivers a remarkable range of storage features with some of the best cloud backup provider support around. It’s very versatile and the new Linux Station adds yet another dimension to its capabilities."
TS-451+ Review - Bjorn3d.com (USA) (2016/03/20)
"QNAP NAS devices are always packed with plenty of features, and the TS-451+ is no exception. With the latest 4.2 firmware, the TS-451+ offers everything that you can get from the more expensive models that QNAP offers such as QvPC, virtualization, Container Dock, Qsirch and much more. So in terms of features, you are not missing anything."
Value Award - Simply.Reviews (US) (2016/03/17)
"The AMD SoC keeps power consumption to a minimum and it delivers an impressive performance over 10GbE."
TAS-268 Review - eTeknix (UK) (2016/03/17)
"QNAP’s TAS-268 fills a void with it’s unique combination of a NAS and an Android set top box in one device. That amount of functionality out of the box isn’t something that we have seen before."
Modders-Inc Must Have Award - Modders-Inc.com (USA) (2016/03/16)
"The QNAP TS-253A offers a bunch of advanced options to the user. Right out of the box you can have a media center with advanced features like DLNA, Web Server, SQL Server and even phpMyAdmin.  What I also found handy is the HybridDesk Station and Surveillance Station. The price vs performance vs features in this device is very well balanced. You do get what you pay for!"
Recommended - PurePC (Poland) (2016/03/14)
"QNAP TS-251+ comes with intuitive GUI and great functionality, which sometimes even exceeds what we can find in other 2-bay servers. For example, Virtualization Station(limited, but still), HD Station, and a greater number of applications available to install. A very nice add-on is the remote control, which we can easily navigate the mentioned HD Station. The device has a very good production quality and design. However, TS-251+ offers the greatest advantage - the price."
Multimedia Star - Technieuws (Netherlands) (2016/03/06)
"With the multimedia funtionalities, QNAP TS-453A is not only good for home users but also optimal for business applications. Moreover, the 4K streaming works smoothly."
Must Have Award - LEGION HARDWARE (Australia) (2016/03/04)
"Overall the QNAP TS-453A is without question the most capable and complete NAS we have come across yet. It’s class leading feature set makes the TS-453A the best value high-end 4-bay desktop NAS on the market today."
TAS-268 Review - CDRLabs.com (USA) (2016/03/03)
"If you're looking for a budget-friendly multimedia NAS, the QNAP TAS-268 is definitely worth your consideration. Designed specifically for the living room, this 2-bay NAS sports an elegant, vertical design and, thanks to its dual-core ARM processor, it delivers quiet and energy-saving operation."
Recommended - PClab (Poland) (2016/02/29)
"QNAP TS-251 is a really great equipment. Those, who have not yet tried using a NAS at home, should really try doing this! QNAP server is not the cheapest one, so I would advise investing in a simpler one, in the beginning. It's worth investing in QNAP though, because this company has extensive experience in NAS production, and their new version of QTS software is really worked out to the tiniest detail. The described model gets our recommendation award."
TechPowerUp Highly Recommended Award - TechPowerUp (USA) (2016/02/16)
"The fresh TS-453A is a richly featured NAS with strong multimedia capabilities, and QNAP's QTS OS is among the best currently available for NAS server."
Editor's Choice Award - eTeknix (UK) (2016/02/10)
“QNAP’s HS-251+ is probably the best looking NAS for your living room and at the same time it comes with plenty of performance and features that don’t leave many wishes open.”
TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP Review - Servethehome.com (USA) (2016/02/09)
"From time to time, we get NAS units in the lab that cut corners by using lower-end components, the QNAP TVS-EC1280U-SAS-RP is not one of these instances. Instead, QNAP uses many of the components we hand-pick when we build our own test servers. Overall this unit performed extremely well for us and the value proposition put forth with the QNAP software suite is appealing."
Best of IT Award 2015 The best Network Storage Device - PCMarket (HK) (2016/02/02)
"The innovative QTS & Android™ dual-system TAS-268 is an unprecedented network storage center for file storage, backup and remote access. TAS-268 is the greatest multimedia NAS for SOHO users."
Top Product - DigitalPortal (Slovakia) (2016/02/01)
"QNAP TS-451+ comes with powerful functionality, so it is awarded the "TOP Product" by DigitalPortal.sk editorial team."
Recommended - IT Pro (UK) (2016/01/26)
"Good value, a great feature set and 10GbE readiness make this a solid future-proof NAS."
Editor's Choice - IT Pro (UK) (2016/01/25)
"The top-notch features and performance, SAS 3 support, expansion potential and price tag makes this 2U rack NAS the perfect A-Lister."
Performance Award - LEGION HARDWARE (Australia) (2016/01/17)
"The TS-451+ expands on the base model's capacities and with support for a quad-core processor and more memory it is now possible to run multiple VM clients simultaneously. It also supports a number of great features such as full 1080p on the fly transcoding, with 7.1 channel surround sound pass-through via the included HDMI output."
TS-451+ Review - Tom's Hardware (USA) (2016/01/14)
"All things considered the QNAP TS-451+ is a complete solution that takes advantage of QNAP's QTS software, the best NAS OS available today."
100% Kick Ass Award - 3dgameman.com (US) (2016/01/13)
"The TAS-268 is a 100% Kick Ass Product!" 
Recommended - HardwareHeaven (UK) (2016/01/12)
"QTS is a great OS and we very much like Qnap’s vision to add in Android. Plenty of flexibility, solid performance and quiet operation."
PCM2015 Best Performance - PCMarket (HK) (2016/01/12)
"With non-stop innovation, QNAP's NAS products support HDMI TV direct output, virtualization application and versatile features. QNAP TS-253A now even supports karaoke application which makes NAS a major home entertainment device."
TAS-268 Review - The Chris Voss Show (USA) (2016/01/11)
"We've always been impressed with QNAP products. The TAS-268, we highly recommend!"
TS-251+ Review - 01net MAGAZINE (France) (2016/01/11)
"Fast and rich in applications, it's the ace of NAS. This SOHO network-attached hard drive is a must-have for whoever is looking for performance and a maximum amount of functionalities."
Editor's Choice - Techmaniak (Mobimaniak) (Poland) (2016/01/08)
"QNAP TS-451+ is neither the cheapest NAS, nor the prettiest. But it has that something that many constructions miss – the reasonable performance combined with a good software back-end. This device is designed not so much for people who look for a universal server, but rather for all-in-one lovers. Because this is the way the tested device should be assessed. On the one hand – an efficient server offering data encryption and a wide configuration back-end, and on the other - a great multimedia player with transcoding video up to 1080p."
Value Award - IT Pro (UK) (2016/01/07)
"If you’re looking for a 10GbE-ready network storage appliance with a balanced combination of features, performance and price, then the TS-1263U-RP is well worth considering."
TS-563 Review - Tom's Hardware (US) (2016/01/07)
"After looking at the other NAS products in this price range, the targeted small business features, future upgrade path and existing performance, QNAP's TS-563 is the clear market leader."
Good Choice - Noticias3D (Spain) (2016/01/06)
"TAS-268, which specializes in multimedia and a special ability, thanks to its native Android ARM processor. If you are one of those who value flexibility and Android applications to use it on the TV, you should definitely be aware that we bring this NAS QNAP guys."
TS-451+ Review - Storage Review (US) (2016/01/06)
"The QNAP TS-451+ is an affordable (yet versatile) 4-bay tower NAS powered by 64-bit Intel Celeron quad-core 2.0GHz processor and 4GB of energy-efficient DDR3L RAM, which is expandable up to 8GB. In addition, it’s compatibility with QTS 4.2 provides a powerful NAS user interface with a plethora of useful multimedia, storage, virtualization and data security features."
Top Class - hifitest.de (Germany) (2016/01/01)
"With the HS-251+, Qnap has succeeded another big step toward the living room , not only due to its fanless design. Via its user interface, you can access data and files using your smartphone or on smart TV."