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Most Innovative Vendor – Italian Channel Awards (Italy) (2014)

QNAP constantly strives to provide the most advanced network storage solutions available, and has been recognized as the "Most Innovative Vendor" in the first edition of the Italian Channel Awards. These awards were created by the leading Italian magazine ChannelCity to reward the best IT manufacturers and distributers operating in Italy.

Over 150 managers from various IT vendors and distributers attended the gala event, and the award winners were decided based on the votes from thousands of consultants, resellers, system integrators, and other operators within the Italian IT industry.

8.8/10 - Cachem (France) (2014/12/24)
TS-253 Pro
"The TS-253 Pro is an all-in-one, powerful and multifunctional NAS coming with high quality hardware and finishes. This device is certainly the best 2-bay NAS on the market."
Best Features Award - Tweak Town (US) (2014/12/09)
TS-653 Pro
"The TS-653 Pro continues QNAP's tradition of bringing innovative features to the market first. The new Virtualization Station feature is a good example of a truly useful feature that QNAP brought to the market, and in time, I'm sure it will be copied across the market."
2014 IT Month Innovative Products - Taipei Comuter Association (Taiwan) (2014/12/08)
HS-251 has won the honorable 2014 IT Month Innovative Products in System & Software Application category.
2014 IT Month Innovative Products - Taipei Comuter Association (Taiwan) (2014/12/08)
QGenie has won the honorable 2014 IT Month Innovative Product in the Consumer Product category.
Gold Medal - Profesiona lReview (Spain) (2014/12/08)
"Our impression toward the QNAP QGenie was fantastic: firstly for its small size and lightweight design, we can carry it as a mobile phone in our pocket or bag. It’s really powerful with a single core 600 MHz processor, 64MB RAM, 32 GB of internal SSD memory, SD connections, USB and a screen that gives us all the system information we need."
8.5/10 - Cachem (France) (2014/12/08)
"We find in this device all the know-how of the manufacturer and that is a good news. This 4-bay NAS proves to be surprising and its specifications are reassuring... The TS-451 has all the qualities to become a reference model."
Must Have Award - (US) (2014/12/08)
"The QNAP TS-451 is one of the fastest NASes that I have tested to date. After setting up the unit for benchmarking, I placed the TS-451 on the network and moved the shared files to it and over the last couple of weeks there have been no complaints. Currently in my household there are 6 people all with at least one PC. If you are looking for a powerful, small, and elegant NAS the QNAP TS-451 should be on your list. With all the features and capabilities this little box can provide, I don’t think you will be disappointed."
Good Choice Award - Noticias3D (Spain) (2014/12/04)
"If you’re not looking for virtualization applications or for an extremely high performance as offered by the TS-x51, this NAS will not disappoint you, given that its performance is much better than those models with Atom. It also allows for running various tasks at the same time without slowing down the performance and consums less than 15W (with SSD)."
HEXUS Innovation - HEXUS (UK) (2014/12/02)
TS-453 Pro
"QNAP's TS-453 Pro is a box of tricks that's fast, well built, easy to use and genuinely helpful in more ways than one."
2014 Product of the Year - IT Professional (Poland) (2014/12/01)
"What distinguishes QNAP from its competitors is it high performance combined with the affordability."
Product of the Year 2014 - PC World (Poland) (2014/12/01)
The TS-421 has won the honorable 2014 PC World Product of the Year award. 
Recommended Award - 59 Hardware (France) (2014/11/24)
"Without a doubt, a robust, reliable and efficient device."
5 Stars & Recommended Product Award - Todo HTPC (Spain) (2014/11/24)
"HS-251 is an ideal product for those who are looking for a storage system and a HTPC in the same device. Considering its sleep design and the QTS software, this is the benchmark in the market."
QGenie Review - Rue du Commerce (France) (2014/11/20)
To design the QGenie, QNAP applied the know-how and expertise that made its Turbo NAS successful. Featuring multiple functionalities (hot spot, backup battery, powerful USB 3.0 stick, mobile NAS, SDXC reader, access point, Multimedia server, myCloud), QGenie is truly a Swiff Army Knife device for digital nomads.
Platinum Award - Nikk Tech (US) (2014/11/17)
TS-653 Pro
"Overall the TurboNAS TS-653 Pro-8G by QNAP is a performance beast with a vast array of features and connectivity most NAS servers in the market would be jealous of..."
Simply.Reviews 2014 Recommended Award - Simply .Reviews (US) (2014/11/14)
TS-EC880 Pro
QNAP’s new TS-EC880 Pro combines an impressive range of storage features with some potent hardware. QNAP has an app for everything, it delivers top performance over 10GbE and the high expansion capabilities make it a solid, long-term investment.
Editor's Choice Award - Computing On Demand (US) (2014/11/09)
"The TS-451 really demonstrates its superiority when you consider its multimedia capabilities. Built-in transcoding functionality really enhances its position. Now, serving up multimedia files to your mobile devices or your underpowered devices is easier than ever. The quality is top notch and having on-the-fly transcoding as well as offline transcoding makes the TS-451 almost untouchable."
Supreme - Hifitest.de (Germany) (2014/11/1)
"QNAP HS-251 fits in the living room perfectly in terms of both hardware and software. The design is well done, so is the user interface, making the NAS a real media player."
PC World Recommends - PC World (Poland) (2014/10/30)
"If you need a quiet NAS server for multimedia purposes, you will hardly find any better than QNAP HS-251. Even its chassis looks more like a modern media player rather than a storage device. Thanks to XBMC software support, you can connect the HS-251 to a TV set through a HDMI cable and watch movies on the big screen."
HS-251 Review - Tech4u (Italy) (2014/10/30)
"HS-251 is a HD media cneter in the form of a compact, quiet NAS with versitile features."
Gold Award - Hardware Geek (Italy) (2014/10/29)
"The TS-251 is a small NAS with the functionalities of high end NAS designed for advanced home users and combines classical NAS features with various multimedia functions. The HD Station makes it possible for the TS-251 to be connected to a TV, turning it into a complete multimedia center, ranging from video playback to internet browsing."
Gold Medal, Recommended Product– Performance & Design - HardZone (Spain) (2014/10/27)
"Given that we liked the HS-210 a lot, this HS-251 delighted us. It’s an improved version in every aspect, and thanks to the hardware enhancements, everything operates much more smoothly and quickly."
Wow! 5 Stars Award - PCReview.es (Spain) (2014/10/26)
"I have tested many multimedia servers but none so complete as the QNAP HS-251 Silent NAS. The possibilities it offers are incredible as much for businesses as for the whole family. Its design is magnificent and the fact it doesn’t make any sound is a big point."
9.0/10 The Holy Grail? - Cachem (France) (2014/10/25)
"QNAP offers once again a superb 2-bay NAS. The HS-251 is fast, comprehensive and will easily find its way to your living room next to your TV."
PCMag Editor's Choice Award - PCMag (US) (2014/10/20)
"It's rare for a NAS device to ace all three categories (performance, features and price), but QNAP's TS-251 NAS comes closer than just about any two-bay SOHO NAS I've tested. This dual-drive NAS offers excellent read/write performance, solid fault tolerance, and a sweet set of features, all of which make it a multimedia content storage star for home or small office networks."
Gold Award & Top Choice - Andrews Reviews (UK) (2014/10/20)
"QNAP continue to impress me with their new units, refreshed software and overall performance with the TS-451 effectively becoming a nas, htpc and virtual pc all in one.  All these new features truly add value and make the 451 a compelling choice that has perhaps stolen a lead on others and points the way forward."
Gold Award - Inside Hardware (Italy) (2014/10/16)
"The read-write performance of the TS-251 is very excellent, together with the overall performance making it the best NAS. Thanks to the excellent hardware, the operating system is very responsive, fast and fluid, allowing the TS-251 to handle various features without significant slowdowns."
Simply Reviews 2014 Recommended Award - Simply Reviews (US) (2014/10/15)
TS-853 Pro
QNAP’s TS-853 PRO delivers superb performance and features. Quite frankly we are at a loss as to what the competitors will do to top QNAP, if only to just clone. The price point is not half bad either. All in all a great NAS for both business and home users and highly recommended. QNAP deservedly wins our first Recommended award.
Excellent - Chip Heimnetz & NAS 2014 - CHIP (Germany) (2014/10/15)
"A very quiet NAS with extensive features and great performance."
100% Recommended - Actualidad Hardware (Spain) (2014/10/13)
"We can say that QNAP HS-251 is an excellent NAS thanks to its minimalist design, structural quality, operating system, performance, applications and silent operation."
Gold Medal Award - Professional Review (Spain) (2014/10/08)
"For its impressive aesthetics, portability and innovation, we give QGenie the gold medal."
Golden Tachometer Award - Benchmark Reviews (US) (2014/10/02)
"The QNAP TS-451 Turbo NAS is part of a new hardware platform for QNAP that brings a high level of performance to the small tower-based format, at a lower cost than was possible before. The four new TS-x51 towers are being promoted as home-based NAS servers, based on their high performance, low cost, and a bunch of new software functionality that is ideal for the modern home."
9.5/10 & Recommended Product - PCdemano.com (Spain) (2014/09/28)
"If you want to buy a beautiful, attractive NAS which is as fast as the best Synology can offer, and can be used as a media player in your living room, this HS-251 is the one you have been looking for."
Gold Award - HwT.dk (Denmark) (2014/09/23)
"The fanless solution functions very well and you can only hear the humming of the hard drives and compared to other NAS, I find the sound isolation good...you get the feeling that QNAP has put a lot of effort and time in making a good well thought out product of good quality. The HDMI port paired with QTS and XBMC not only gives a NAS with many functions, but also a multimediacenter for the living room."
Rating 5/5 - Network World (US) (2014/9/19)
"I can report that the system is thoroughly and completely epically awesome. I am absolutely sold on this product. It's fast, flexible, incredibly useful, and solidly built. QNAPs Virtualization Station gets a Gearhead rating of 5 out of 5."
Platinum Award - Professional Review (Spain) (2014/09/18)
"If you are looking for a 4 bay NAS with an excellent operating system, virtualization, HTPC and remote control, the QNAP TS-451 is your ideal choice."
Editor's Choice Award - Techpowerup (US) (2014/9/15)
"With its impressive performance, great looks, and huge feature set, it is the NAS server for enthusiast users or a small business environment." 
Editor's Choice Award - CDRLabs (US) (2014/9/15)
"The QNAP TS-470 is an excellent choice for the small or medium-size business looking for a secure, scalable, and reliable NAS solution...one of the best things about the TS-470 is the ability to extend its functionality to meet a business' growing data storage need. "
Leadership Award - XtremeSystems (US) (2014/9/14)
TS-453 Pro
"The TS-453 Pro offers excellent build quality, strong read and write performance and an impressive feature set,all in an attractive looking chassis."
Platinum Award - Nikk Tech (US) (2014/9/9)
"...the TS-451 is a better solution since it's just as fast, has less power requirements and ontop of that it's also quieter."
I'm Special Award - XtremeSystems (US) (2014/9/6)
"I was extremely impressed with the quality of video playback, longevity of the battery (10 hours!!), and just the overall ease of use."
TS-451 Review - Storage Review (US) (2014/9/4)
The QNAP TS-451 NAS is a powerful NAS for home, small, and medium businesses. It is the company's first consumer-grade NAS with virtualization technology and has HDMI connectivity for streaming media in HD.
4 Star Award - apc (Australia) (2014/9/4)
TS-569 Pro
"It’s fast and slick, and essentially just like running a native OS...and in QTS there’s an absolute heap of apps you can download and install, which can drastically expand what the TS-569 Pro can do."
5 Star Award - PCM Magazine (Netherlands) (2014/9/1)
TS-251 & HS-251
"QNAP merges a NAS with a HTPC!"
Recommended Product - Noticias3d (Spain) (2014/8/27)
"QNAP TS-451...has a much more powerful processor than previous models, adds the virtualization applications, and provides users with infinite possibilities."
Silver Award & Design Award - Xtreme Hardware (Italy) (2014/08/26)
"The QNAP HS-251 is certainly a valid product with very interesting technical specifications when it comes to quality and contents. The excellent QTS 4.1 operating system allow us to get the best NAS experience and multimedia contents thanks to the integrated HDMI Port."
Editors Choice Award - speicherguide.de (Germany) (2014/8/22)
TS-470 Pro
"Due to the good performance and high functionality, we give QNAP TS-470 Pro the speicherguide.de Editor's Choice."
Recommended Award - 59 Hardware (France) (2014/8/18)
"In terms of performance, the QNAP TS-451 is the fastest 4-bay model we have tested so far. Its speed is impressive in all cases and will meet the needs of the most demanding users."
TS-451 Virtualization Station Review - Anandtech (US) (2014/8/18)
"QNAP's Virtualization Station is a well-rounded compelling offering that helps them stand out in the COTS NAS market for SMB, SOHO and home consumers."
Score 9 - Neowin (US) (2014/8/17)
“There's no question that QNAP has taken home NAS devices to the next level with the inclusion of virtualization.”
Gold Award - BuyCOMs (Thailand) (2014/8/15)
"We tested QNAP TS-451 with two 4TB HDDs and configured RAID 0 for hthe ighest speed and we’re very impressed by the performance."
Highly Recommended - Computer Audiophile (US) (2014/8/7)
“Overall, the HS-251 from QNAP…really good product. I recommend it!”
Gold Performance Award - Techstation (Italy) (2014/8/4)
"This NAS is comprehensive and powerful. You can simply tell from its hardware and unique solutions such as real-time transcoding."
Best Performance Award - Tweak Town (US) (2014/8/4)
“Overall, this unit is certainly a NAS the typical home user would enjoy. It encompasses what we have been wanting for years, and it has finally been delivered in a small, lightweight box labeled TS-451.”
Editor's Choice - By the Way (Greece) (2014/7/31)
"If you need a NAS and you dislike the annoyance of any fan, HS-251 is the product for you."
Recommended Product - Alexi's TechBlog (Spain) (2014/7/29)
"TS-420 is not only a professional product but a tool that perfectly meets household needs..."
TS-451 Review - Anandtech (US) (2014/7/28)
“With the TS-451, QNAP has delivered a NAS that can handle a large number of simultaneous connections without drop in performance, a pre-requisite for a powerful media server.”
TS-212 Review - BAQUIA (Spain) (2014/7/25)
"If you are thinking of buying any home servers with multimedia applications, this is definitely a good option."
QNAP QTS 4.1 Review - SmallNetBuilder (US) (2014/7/24)
QTS 4.1
QNAP's QTS 4.1 upgrade adds a laundry list of new features to what was already a good NAS OS. The most significant changes to the OS are "under the hood" and relate to features added to make the QNAP's products attractive to enterprise customers.
Recommended Product - Noticias3d (Spain) (2014/7/18)
"HS-251 is definitely a good choice to start in the field of multimedia servers, especially when you are looking for a silent device with low energy consumption and easy management."
9.3/10 - Apfeleimer.de (Germany) (2014/7/17)
"The form factor and design fits the living room perfectly. The fanless design makes it a perfect silent NAS yet without compromising its functions."
HS-251 Review - The Chris Voss Show (US) (2014/7/16)
“It's a beautifully designed box which is perfect for your entertainment center!”
Remarkable Product & Recommended Product - IT files (Romania) (2014/7/15)
"QNAP HS-210 is a remarkable device that aims at highly demanding users looking for a model with maximum versatility."
Excellent Award - Heimkino (Germany) (2014/7/15)
+ Quiet during operation
+ Easy installation
Golden Award - Nikk Tech (US) (2014/7/10)
“Overall although the TS-121 is aimed at home and small office use it still is very fast and offers the features, OS and support only a manufacturer like QNAP can offer.”
Excellent Award - XtremeSystems (US) (2014/7/8)
“Its supremely simple configuration and easy management is definitely something your generic system cannot do.”
Product Excellence Award - BenchmarkHarware.com (Spain) (2014/6/26)
“The fanless design is one of the most important features because few solutions on the market offer such a low noise level (15dB).”
Editor's Choice - C.O.D (US) (2014/6/23)
"This 4 bay NAS is loaded with features and is an absolute rocket when it comes to reading and writing data."
Recommended Award - CHIP.PL (Poland) (2014/06/15)
“HS-210 is a well-made, attractive NAS we can simply place in the living room under the TV.”
Score 8 - ElektronikTest (Denmark) (2014/06/02)
“…I think it works extremely well and handles all tasks fine.”
HS-210 Review - Naseros (Spain) (2014/05/28)
“…the HS-210 has more than enough power to perform all the functions required for a home NAS but also has a very delicate design and elegant aesthetics.”
Editor’s Choice - By the Way (Greece) (2014/05/16)
“QNAP HS-210 is a high-quality product, both in terms of hardware and software.”
Score 9.5 - Cachem (France) (2014/05/13)
“TS-470 Pro is fast, functional and multipurpose. Its high-end configuration allows it to overcome previously known limits.”
8.2 - Apfeleimer.de (Germany) (2014/04/25)
“The fanless NAS is silent during operation yet provides almost all the functions that can be found on modern network storage.”
Editors Choice - PC Press (Serbia) (2014/04/01)
“...HS-210 with its reliable & efficient performance and flexible configuration can satisfy the growing needs of both basic and advanced users.”
HS-210 Review - HD Blog (Italy) (2014/03/28)
“HS-210 is a high-level product with good quality in both the hardware and the software.”
Gold Award – HWGeek (Italy) (2014/03/25)
“QNAP lives up to its reputation, confirming the performance and quality of its products with impeccable care in the selection of materials.”
Recommended Product Award - Noticias3D.com (Spain) (2014/03/24)
“Unlike other NAS, HS-210 is created for the living room with a good balance between features, utilization, resources, energy consumption and temperature.”
100% Recommendation - Actualidad Hardware (Spain) (2014/03/21)
“It is a great NAS designed for home. We can keep our backups, install a large selection of apps, and enjoy home entertainment all in one device, and the best thing is—it is completely silent.”
Overall Score 9 - ElektronikTest.dk (Denmark) (2014/03/20)
TS-670 Pro
“It is clearly one of the most accomplished NAS, particularly on the hardware part.”
Gold Award & Design Award - InsideHardware.it (Italy) (2014/03/04)
“The sophisticated and elegant design goes well with the environment. It fits the modern and elegant living room perfectly.”
I'm Special Award - XtremeSystems (US) (2014/03/04)
“The HS-210 delivered high data-transfer speed in my tests. Coupled with its broad functionality, this makes it a very appealing buy.”
TS-220 & TS-221 review - Hardware Magazine (France) (2014/03/01)
TS-220 / TS-221
“Stable and fluid, the system makes it even easier to manage NAS and corrects previous multimedia capabilities and mobile applications deficiencies.”
Great Product - CHIP (Italy) (2014/03/01)
TS-269 Pro
“The TS-269 Pro is a great NAS when it comes to performances and functions. The QTS operating system is particularly brilliant on this model, and the possibility to expand the functions makes it the perfect fit for any use.”
5 Stars - White-Out- Reviews (US) (2014/2/28)
“This is a fanless, silent, and slick looking network attached storage and that makes it perfect for the home theater.”
TS-870 Pro Review - E.D.i (France) (2014/02/28)
TS-870 Pro
“Ideal for SMB with high storage needs, this 8-bay NAS by QNAP has the advantage of a wide range of features thanks to its compatibility with QTS 4.1.”
Very Good Award - PC Magazin Professional (Germany) (2014/2/27)
“The QNAP TS-470 is a well-engineered and dependable NAS for different applications. TS-470 offers you sufficient performance for professional use.”
HS-210 Review - Computer Idea! (Italy) (2014/02/26)
“QNAP HS-210 is modern, stylish, and perfect for any living room, surprising us by its silence: only 15 decibels of ambient noise!”
HS-210 Review - Xataka Smart Home (Spain) (2014/02/21)
“QNAP HS-210 is a different NAS, not only for its look, but also for its fanless design which reduces annoying noises.”
Editor’s Choice - QuickPC (Thailand) (2014/02/18)
“We have been used Home/ SOHO NAS for a long time and seen the revolution of features of QNAP. We’re highly impressed by the performance when testing QNAP TS-212P.”
Rating 89% - Tweak Town (Australia) (2014/02/14)
“This is a good start to the HS product family, and an innovative design. QNAP keeps pushing forward into new areas, and we like watching the progress.”
100% Kickass Award - 3dGameMan (US) (2014/2/14)
"With the powerful software and excellent hardware, it's one of the most feature rich and powerful NAS devices on the market."
5 Stars - FERBRZ (Brazil) (2014/2/13)
"QNAP’s TS-220 multifunctional NAS is easy to set up, and it offers several useful functions with great performance..."
Greatest Bits Award - AUDIOSTREAM (US) (2014/2/12)
"If you want to have your NAS near your hi-fi, the HS-210, with its fanless near-silent performance, will be a welcome addition."
Score 8.7 - Infoworld (US) (2014/02/12)
“The QNAP TS-1279U-RP is rich in features and provides plenty of value for the cost.”
Golden Award - NikKTech (US) (2014/2/10)
"Thanks to its performance, specifications, 10GbE compatibility and vast number of features it gets our Golden Award with ease."
Vote: 8/10 - ReHWolution (Italy) (2014/02/10)
“What makes HS-210 special is the fanless and thick soundproof metal design, which makes it really quiet.”
HS-210 Review - The Chris Voss Show (US) (2014/2/5)
“I like the HS-210, the Silent NAS. It works like a charm!”
5 Stars - Stuff (Singapore) (2014/2/5)
"The QNAP TS-212P is a refreshingly straightforward entry in the complex business of NAS drives, and we love its ease of use and its array of useful available apps."
Gold Award - Gadget Gear (Netherlands) (2014/2/2)
"The HS-210 not only looks nice and quiet, but also provide smooth performance."
Outstanding Award - CHIP (Malaysia) (2014/2/1)
"QNAP’s TS-670 Turbo NAS is expandable, easy to setup and packed with features. Just what any office needs."
Editor's Choice - StorageReview (US) (2014/1/28)
"Incredible performance from a 4-bay prosumer NAS." "Offers SSD caching to increase performance with mixed SSD/HDD hardware."
Recommended Award - hard-h2o (Spain) (2014/1/24)
“QNAP HS-210 is beautifully designed, quiet and energy-efficient with easy installation and hassle-free setup."
Recommended Award - 59 Hardware (France) (2014/1/17)
"The most revolutionary design is the support for SSD cache which has demonstrated a significant increase in performance."
Review of HS-210 - Habitat & technologies (France) (2014/1/15)
"HS-210 takes advantage of the QTS software, with its recent update improved the usability, and all features expected by individuals and professionals."
Gold Award / Top Choice - Andrews Reviews (UK) (2014/1/15)
"The latest software provides many new features in a clean, modern and intuitive interface making the TS-470 extremely versatile."
Highlight - MAC REWIND (Germany) (2014/1/14)
“QNAP has recognized the current trend and become the first NAS-producer to offer a fanless two-bay storage device. This clearly deserves two thumbs up!”
Review of HS-210 - 59 Hardware (France) (2014/01/09)
"QNAP offers a successful multimedia entertainment solution thanks to the HS-210 NAS. We are very impressed with its unique horizontal design which makes it fit perfectly in our home theater."
Review of HS-210 - Cachem.fr (France) (2014/01/04)
"To be honest, I've been expecting this kind of NAS for a long time: a model that we finally don't have to hide in a corner.” “Fanless, HS-210 is quiet. We can only applaud this major manufacturer initiative."
Bronze Medal Award - Sabios del PC (2014/1/2)
"The QNAP HS-210 NAS is very focused on use in the home and easily fulfils users’ needs, with great software that can be expanded using apps and which offers us unlimited possibilities."