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Why can I not add my Turbo NAS to Q’center?

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If you cannot add your NAS to Q’center, here are some common reasons why.

  1. The system volume is in an abnormal condition or has not been created on the NAS.
    Q’center needs to install the Q’center Agent on a NAS before being able to monitor it. Please confirm the status of the system volume on your NAS or create a volume before adding the NAS to Q’center.
  2. The QTS version on your QNAP NAS is too old.
    Q’center Agent requires QTS 4.1.0 (or later versions) to work normally. Please update the NAS firmware to the latest version before adding the NAS to Q’center.
  3. The NAS has been managed by another Q’center.
    Currently one NAS only can be monitored by one Q'center. If you confirm that no other Q'center exists, remove the Q'center Agent in the NAS's App Center and try to add the NAS at Q’center again.
  4. Q’center cannot reach your QNAP NAS.
    When trying to add a NAS, Q’center will display the message “Can’t reach the server”. Please check if your NAS can ping the Q’center server. For Q'center, Port 6600 is needed for collecting server log and 6606 for Proxy. For Q'center agent, 6600, 6621 are needed for sending server log and 6623 for Proxy.

    To manage a NAS that is behind a NAT router, please download and install the Q’center Assistant at the NAS and input your Q’center server’s IP address to establish the connection between the NAS and Q’center server.

    To manage a NAS in an internet environment, as well as using an IP address, you can also use the myQNAPcloud address of the Q’center server in Q’center Assistant to add the NAS to Q’center when the UPnP function is enabled at Q’center server.

    You can refer to the Application Note for more detail.
  5. The NAS does not have a serial number.
    When trying to add a NAS, Q’center will display the message “The hardware serial number is not found”. Please go to Our App/Download Page at QTS or website and update Q’center to 1.1 (or later versions), which allows adding a NAS without a serial number.
  6. Other issues:
    If you did not find the solution for your problem, please contact the QNAP Helpdesk for further assistance. You can click the current account option on the right corner > click "About" > click "Download debug log" and then submit your bug report along with the debug log to the QNAP customer support center at https://helpdesk.qnap.com.
Release date: 2015-02-11
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