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How to retain files and restore the default shared folder paths after restoring a QNAP NAS to factory settings

Applied Models:


1. Choose “Restore Factory Settings” to reset your QNAP NAS to default but keep all files (the data on the hard drives will NOT be deleted.)

Note: Choosing “Initialize System” will delete the data.

2. Choose “Start”.

3. After restoring to factory default settings, select “Go to NAS Management” and then back to the QTS login page.

4. Go to “Control Panel” > “General Settings”, disable “Disable and hide the home/multimedia features” then press “Apply” to remember the settings.

Notes: This option will be enabled after restoring to default settings. If you want to use home/multimedia features, you must disable it or all the media folders will be hidden.

5. Go to “Control Panel” > “Privilege Settings” >“Shared folder”, and select “Restore Default Shared Folders”.

6. After successfully changing this setting, you will see all default shared folders below.

7. For manually-created shared folders, select “Create” > “Shared Folder”.

8. Enter the “Folder name” then select “Enter path manually”. Choose the folder path you want to link to and select “Create”.

9. You will then see the manually-created shared folder linked below.

10. Open File Station and you will see all the recovered shared folders in the left bar.

Release date: 2015-10-16
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