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How to use Notes Station?

Notes Station - The Notes on Your Private Cloud

My Cloud, My Notes.


Notes can be in the form of text, voice memo, picture, or web page. With easy user interfaces, the Notes Station is software developed for written notes and can provide remote storage via the Turbo NAS.

How to use Notes Station?

1. Install Notes Station

To install the Notes Station on the Turbo NAS, please first log into the Turbo NAS as an administrator and make sure that your Turbo NAS is connected to the Internet. Go to “App Center”>“Utilities” > “Notes Station”, and the Notes Station app can be found there (QTS 4.1 or higher versions only.)

2. Start to use Notes Station

After the installation is finished, you can start to use the Notes Station. A three-tier architecture (Notebook, Session and Note) is adopted in the Notes Station to manage your notes. Notes can be viewed in four different modes: Book, Tag, Tasks and Calendar.

(1) Edit Notes

In the Book mode, click “Add page” at the top right hand corner, and choose a template to add a page or just add a blank one from the drop-down list.

(2) Insert Image

Click “Insert/ edit image”.

In the “Edit image” dialog box, a picture can be added from a shared folder on the Turbo NAS, the photo wall, or the local PC.

(3) Edit Image

The Notes Station has a built-in image editor called “ImgEdit”, and it is developed for users to edit pictures.

First, select one image and click “Open ImgEdit”.

Start to edit the image after launching ImgEdit.

(4) Insert Attachments

Choose the page to insert an attachment and click (Insert Attachments).

Then, click “+Add files” to insert attachments.

(5) Insert Tags

Choose the page to insert tagsand click (Insert Tag).

Then, enter tags.

(6) Insert Events intoCalendar

Click (Calendar) to create an event.

View your events in the Calendar mode.

(7) Insert Task

Click (Task).

View the task set in the Task mode.

(8) Share

Select apage to be shared. Click (Share) and choose to share the page on Facebook, copy it to the clipboard, or set it as a private page.

(9) Co-Editor

Choose a book to be shared. Click next to the notebook, and click “Share”.

Select the Turbo NAS users this page is to be shared with, and set their permissions.

How to Use Notes Station Clipper?

Notes Station Clipper is a Notes Station Extension for Chrome and is designed to fetch resources from the Internet and use them on the Notes Station.

1. Install Notes Station Clipper

Search “Notes Station Clipper” in the Google Chrome Web Store, and click “+ FREE” to install this extension.

Click “Add”.

After the installation is finished, the Extension for Notes Station Clipper icon will appear next to the address bar of Chrome.

2. Login Notes Station Clipper

If this is the first time you log in to Notes Station Clipper, please enter the IP of your Turbo NAS, your account name and password to start Notes Station Clipper. To log out or change to a different account, please click the icon on the top right hand corner.

If you account name or password is incorrect, the login error message will appear next to the login button, and the connection status indicator will be shown as red to indicate that the login attempt is unsuccessful.

3. Start with Notes Station Clipper

After successful login, you can start to clip a web page or Gmail. In the left block, the title of the web page will show up on the first row and it can be edited. You can choose the book or session used to place this clipped part in the second row, add a tag in the third row, and add your comments in the fourth row.

In the right block, you can choose to clip the viewable area on a web page, selected items or a selected area on a web page, or the entire page as an image, or clip an email and save it to the Notes Station.

If the page is clipped successfully, the following message will appear.



Release date: 2014-02-25
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