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How to use HappyGet 2?

〝 Backup video easily, on-demand music playlists〞

HappyGet 2 is a video tool which lets you back up your videos from websites such as YouTube to the QNAP Turbo NAS. Before using HappyGet 2, please install HappyGet 2 on the Turbo NAS from the App Center and install the HappyGet 2 extension package to the Chrome browser.

Supported video-sharing sites : YouTube | Facebook | VimeoNicoNico


Establish a connection to the Turbo NAS with HappyGet 2

  1. Login the Turbo NAS as an administrator via the Chrome browser. Go to the “App Center”. Then search and install HappyGet 2.
  2. Launch HappyGet 2. You will be prompted to install the HappyGet 2 extension package to the Chrome browser. Click “Yes, Go get it”.
  3. HappyGet 2 will guide you to install the extension package from Chrome Web Store. Click “ADD TO CHROME”.
  4. After installing the package, follow the instructions on the initialization page to complete the setup.

Use HappyGet 2 back up your YouTube videos

  1. Back up a single video:
    1. Open the Chrome browser and go to the video page you want to back up on YouTube. You will find a “HappyGet 2 Video” button under the video. Mouse over the button and you can select 1080P, 720P, 360P, or Original for the video download quality. Click the button and HappyGet 2 will back up the video to the Turbo NAS immediately.
    2. To view the download progress, click the HappyGet 2 icon and go to the “Settings” page. Click “Show Details” under “Download Status”.
    3. The downloaded video is located at /Multimedia/HappyGet 2 which can be accessed from the File Station.
  2. Back up multiple videos (a playlist) at a time:
    To back up multiple videos, open the Chrome browser and go to your playlist page on YouTube. Click the “HappyGet 2 Playlist” button on top of the playlist. HappyGet 2 will back up all your videos on the playlist to the Turbo NAS.

Use HappyGet 2 to back up Facebook photos/videos?

  1. To back up the Facebook photos or videos, open the Chrome browser and login your Facebook account.
  2. Go to the “Albums” page.  A HappyGet 2 icon will be available on each album cover.  Click the icon to download the entire album to the Turbo NAS.  You may also click the HappyGet 2 icon to download the videos.  The downloaded files are located at /Multimedia/HappyGet 2.


Other features of HappyGet 2

HappyGet 2 also supports adding download tasks from the context menu. Right click an HTTP, FTP, or magnetic link, you can select to download the files by the Download Station or add the BT download tasks.

Release date: 2013-08-26
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