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Creating Sharing Links on Photo Station

Photo Station allows you to view and manage photos on your NAS. You can create sharing links that give other users direct access to your shared photos.


To download and install Photo Station, go to App Center.

  1. Log on to QTS.

    The default URL of QTS is http://<IP address>:<port>. For example,

  2. Open Photo Station.

    Photo Station opens in Gallery mode.


    You can switch to Manage mode by clicking the Manage tab.

  3. Select and right-click the photos that you want to share.
  4. Go to Share > Sharing Link.

    The Sharing Cart appears.

  5. Configure the following settings.




    Select one of the following link formats.

    • URL

    • HTML

    • vB Forum

    • Alt Forum

    Domain name/IP

    Select the domain name or IP address.

    Create a secure link using SSL

    Select to use HTTPS.


    Move the switch to the right and then type a password.

    Valid for

    Specify the expiration date.

  6. Click Create.

The link is created and ready for use.

Release date: 2017-03-21
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