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Why do Windows ACL settings of a subfolder disappear when I enable Advanced Folder Permissions and Windows ACL support together, then disable only Advanced Folder Permissions?

When Advanced Folder Permissions are enabled, the subfolder will be set up with QTS permissions. If Windows ACL support is then enabled, QTS permissions will be added to Windows ACL during file access in an almost real-time translation. If permissions are not set up using Windows ACL from Windows File Explorer, new ACL settings will not be stored in the folder's extended attributes. If Advanced Folder Permissions are then disabled, both types of permissions will be removed.

As a result, it is recommended that users set the permissions of the subfolder from Windows File Explorer immediately after enabling Windows ACL. Then the ACL permissions can be stored permanently to folder attributes.

To avoid the loss of permissions, it is not recommended to enable both Advanced Folder Permissions and Windows ACL support on a subfolder at the same time.

Release date: 2017-12-20
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