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Why are some changes to settings in php.ini not taking effect?

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To ensure that your NAS system works normally, some PHP settings (also known as “PHP directives”) in php.ini have restrictions. If a setting in php.ini is over the maximum or under the minimum allowed value, the system will reset that setting to the closest allowed value automatically. The following is a list of restricted settings:

  • memory_limit

The default value of memory_limit is 128 megabytes (MB). The minimum value cannot be less than 64MB, and the maximum value depends on the memory of your NAS:

NAS Memory memory_limit  Maximum Allowed Value
< 512MB 128MB
512MB and < 1024MB 384MB
1024MB and < 2048MB 512MB
2048MB 1024MB
  • post_max_size

Must not be greater than 2047MB.

  • upload_max_filesize

Must not be greater than 2047MB.

Release date: 2016-04-13
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