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why are my nas hard drives not entering standby mode?

Hard disk standby mode can be enabled in "Control Panel" > "System Settings" > "Hardware". If this function does not work as expected, check if the following applications/services are running.

  • UPnP.
  • NTP server.
  • Container Station
  • Notes Station
  • BT downloading.
  • Microsoft Networking: AD service, WINS server, Domain Master.
  • Shared folder mapping.
  • Network access to the NAS. If your NAS is connected to the Internet, make sure you do not enable DMZ or port forwarding on your router/firewall. Hackers may attempt to connect to your NAS and prevent hard drives from entering standby mode.
  • Qfinder Pro, Quick Install Wizard, and NetBak Replicator routinely check for your NAS on the network and will prevent hard drives from entering standby mode.
  • QmailAgent routinely accesses and checks email accounts to synchronize and back up emails. This will prevent hard drives from entering standby mode.
  • If virtual machines are running in Virtualization Station then hard drives will be unable to enter standby mode.
  • If you have recently moved/saved a large number of files to your NAS, these files must be indexed. Your NAS will also create thumbnails for newly-added media files. The indexing and thumbnail creation process may take a long time to finish (depending on the number of files) and hard drives will be prevented from entering standby mode during this time.
  • If your NAS is shared with multiple devices on the same network, any access to the NAS from one of these devices will prevent hard drives from entering standby mode.
  • Some apps installed from the App Center that routinely access your NAS may prevent hard drives from entering standby mode.

If you still have problems, you can connect to your NAS using SSH port 22 or telnet port 13131 and issue a ps command. This will show all the running processes.

You can also run a diagnostic program to discover the processes that access the NAS hard drives:

Release date: 2017-07-20
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